Rejuvenate Yourself With the Reflection, Inspiration, and Sublime Beauty of Budapest

The Hungarian capital, Budapest, is situated on the banks of the Danube in Central Europe. It’s the political, economic and cultural heart of the nation, and one of the most beautiful and livable cities on the continent.

For centuries this has been a tale of two cities, the city of Buda rising from the steep western hills, and Pest, stretching away into the flat plains of the East. The Danube kept these two cities apart until 1873 when the first of Budapest’s seven bridges began stitching the two halves into one.

This tale of two cities has been one of destruction and renewal too. Just as the Danube’s waters have coursed through Budapest, so too have the great tides of European history, often gracefully, but sometimes with ferocious force.

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City That Plays Out Like a Living Opera, Salzburg

The Austrian city of Salzburg is situated on the northern edge of the Alps, close to the border of Germany. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, and straddling the banks of the Salzach River, few cities can match Salzburg’s fairytale setting.

Few places can match its musical heritage either. Salzburg is the hometown of one of the giants of classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Its stately homes, churches, and hillsides provided the settings for one of cinema’s most-adored musicals, The Sound Of Music. And today, its exquisite architecture provides a dramatic backdrop for operatic and classical performances all year round.

Just as a glissando provides the transition between two musical notes, the Salzach River glides between Salzburg’s two parts, the old medieval and Baroque city on the left bank, and the new 19th-century city on the right.

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Taste the Colors, Hope and Freedom, of Colorful Cape

Colorful Cape Town is one of the most multi-racial cities in the world. The city sits on South Africa’s Cape Peninsula, where the waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans converge, and spectacular mountains tumble towards the sea.

For centuries, the Cape of Good Hope was synonymous with danger, as European ships bravely rounded the perilous waters on route to the riches of Asia.

To resupply those passing ships, the Dutch created a tiny outpost in 1652, a settlement that would blossom into one of the most beautiful cities, in one of the most breathtaking settings on earth. For decades, Cape Town has been buffeted too, by the cross-winds of social upheaval. But just like those early ships, Cape Town had endured some of history’s most turbulent waters and set course to an optimistic future.

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Experiencing the Warmth and Generosity of the Richest Places on Earth, Vanuatu

The Republic of Vanuatu lies in the sparkling South Pacific Ocean. While it’s only a short flight from Australia and New Zealand, chances are, it’s a world away from wherever you are right now.

Like a handful of shells cast upon 5000 square miles of pristine waters, this Melanesian archipelago remains relatively untouched by the waves of mass tourism.

This is a nation where traditional customs remain strong, …a place where the people live in harmony with the moods of the waters and the land.

In Vanuatu, the opportunity for adventure, and the chance to relax await at every turn. This is a place that will challenge the way you think about happiness, and what it means to truly live in the moment.

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Share the Light, and Smiles, of Jakarta

Indonesia’s Capital, Jakarta, lies on the northwest coast of Java, the most populous island in the world. This sprawling metropolis is the republic’s political and economic engine room, and home to over 10 million people.

The sheer size and frenetic pace of Jakarta can sometimes make it feel like a city unraveling at the seams. But it’s those ten million residents who hold it all together. Long after the traffic jams are forgotten, it’s the warmth, pride, and smiles of the people, which are remembered.

Despite its rather gritty reputation, this is a city that often charms its way into the hearts of travelers.

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Uncover the Traces of That Noble Time in Tuscany

Tuscany is a legendary region in central Italy that stretches from the Apennine Mountains to the west coast, meandering through endless vineyards, medieval towns and the impossibly beautiful cities of Florence, Siena, and Pisa.

In today’s modern world, defined by alarm clocks, deadlines and traffic jams, Tuscany lures travelers with the promise of a warmer, gentler way of living. Here, high art mingles deliciously with warm sunshine and fragrant wine. History seeps through the cobblestones and small occasions are transformed into the greatest of pleasures.

Around six hundred years ago, Tuscany changed the world forever when economic, cultural and political forces collided, sparking the Renaissance. It was a new way of thought in which art and education were highly prized and the search for happiness, a noble goal. Although the world has changed much since then, Tuscany’s values hold firm and visitors to this region can happily spend days and weeks slowly rediscovering them.

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21 Significant Tourist Attraction of Vancouver

Vancouver is British Columbia’s biggest city. It’s the gateway to the glaciers of Alaska, the wilderness of Western Canada and the slopes of Whistler, and it’s also one of the world’s most desirable places to live.

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5 things to do on Northern River’s vacation, Australia

The Northern Rivers region sits at the easternmost point of Australia. It’s the first part of the continent to receive the morning light, and it’s way ahead of the curve when it comes to Mother Nature’s gifts.

The heart of the Northern Rivers is Mt Warning. Wollumbin, as the local Bundjalung People know it, was created 23 million years ago when the Tweed Volcano erupted and reshaped the land.

It was an event that blessed the entire region with incredibly fertile soils, deep forests, and unique geology which many believe gives the region its special energy, its magnetism.

This is a place where travelers, families and soul seekers come, and sometimes, stay forever. The Northern Rivers begins at Tweed Heads, just a stone’s throw from the Gold Coast International Airport, and unrolls southwards for over one hundred miles, taking in some of the purest beaches and most laid-back coastal towns in the world.

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Applaud the Eden of the Andes, Mendoza

As the gateway to Argentina’s famous wine region, Mendoza is a popular stopover between Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. Labeled as the “Eden of the Andes”, this green city is bursting with flavor.

Mendoza is “The Land of Sun and Good Wine”. The Andean city represents what Argentineans do best: enjoying the good life.

Here, the glass is always half full and this optimism is palpable when you explore Mendoza. Set on a dry, sun-kissed plateau in the foothills of the Andes, the city sprouted from an ancient network of irrigation channels dug by the indigenous Huarpe people to water their crops with the snowmelt from the peaks.

When the Spanish arrived in the mid-sixteenth century, they adopted these “acequias” to establish Argentina’s first vineyards. In doing so, they planted the seed of Mendoza’s future as one of the world’s Great Capitals of Wine.

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