14 Coolest Places To Travel In Germany Most Germans Don’t Even Know

Germany’s big and attractive cities attract numerous people across the globe, each year. This occurs because of proper transportation systems across these cities. Germany is considered a very big Country to the point others are confused on the top places and towns to visit. Worry not; you are at the right place. We are going to guide you on how to experience the German culture, while enjoying their delicious meals and cuisines. Below are a must to see 14 spots worth checking out when you visit the Deutschland:

Places To Travel In Germany



Augsburg can be traced back to 2000 years ago. It is characterized with some Roman history and culture. This town is approximately 30 minutes train ride from Munich. Augsburg started getting attention and became among the leading tourist attraction towns between the 15 th and the 16 th century. The Welser and Fugger dynasties also played a crucial role in the opening up of Augsburg to the rest of the world. This was mostly through trade. Today, fountains and renaissance monuments stand tall in Augsburg to keep their history alive.

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Eat: Inside the hotel, there is a place named Sartory. It was named in memory of the Chef who first designed Swabian-Bavarian dishes. A visit to this spot gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals such as Zwiebelrostbraten and other regional dishes.



Secondly, we have Erfurt. It is located between Berlin and Frankfurt. Above all, it’s the center of operation for Thuringia state. Numerous celebrated people in the world once lived in here. These are the likes of Martin Luther King among others. Erfurt attracts people because of its top notch architectural designs that impress both the local and foreign people.

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Must See: A visit to Erfurt is incomplete if don’t visit some spots. These spots range from the famous Merchant’s bridge or The Kramerbrucke. It is considered the most inhabited bridge in the world. You can also check out the famous St. Aegidius church.


Freiburg is considered the warmest location in the entire Germany. Therefore, it comfortably supports numerous activities such as Wine growing and farming, among others. In short, you should expect fresh vegetables, baked goods and fruits while in this location. Above all; you can engage in fun activities such as swimming and hiking, among others.

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Heidelberg cannot be left out when it comes to naming a must visit town in Germany. It houses the oldest German University in the region. This is the reason this town is crowded with a large percentage of young students. In addition to all these, Heidelberg houses a hilltop castle and a river. These two features add spice on why you should visit Heidelberg while in Germany.

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Koblenz is considered a strategic location because River Moselle and Rhine meet at this location. You are encouraged to visit Koblenz if you are in love with nature. Here, you will get the opportunity to view rocky cliffs, unique vineyards, hillsides and above all, the famous and beautiful Rhine valley.

Must See: Board a cable car for a perfect view of Rhine River, while seeing out top tourist attraction spots in Koblenz. These spots range from the Rhine valley UNESCO world heritage site and Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, among others.

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Mainz is well known across the globe for being the home of the Gutenberg press. Additionally, it also houses a couple of prestigious Universities across the globe and spectacular wine spots. Mainz is one of the leading wine producing cities across the globe. In short, there are numerous spots in Mainz worth checking out during your stay.

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It is considered the heart of cycling in the entire Germany. Muenster is designed to make it easy for cycling throughout this old town. This is one of the reasons you should consider visiting Muenster. That’s not all; Muenster houses unique arts by renowned international artists, castles and magnificent architectural designs.

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Osnabrueck is a few- hour drive from Muenster. Ensure you visit this town if you are in love or love everything about art. Additionally, Osnabrueck is both an artistic and nature reserve city. Here, you will find marvelous arts & galleries, artistic shops and boutiques, among others. Furthermore, Osnabrueck houses the famous Felix Nussbaum Museum, designed by the famous American architect Daniel Libeskind. That’s not all; Osnabrueck houses arts that help people understand the Jewish Holocaust.

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You can easily access this location from Berlin. It can be through boarding a train or driving for almost half an hour. There are numerous must see sites in this location. These locations range from palaces, UNESCO world heritage site, parks around River Havel and lakes.

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This old town is located in between Nuremberg and Munich. Being an ancient town, some structures still adopt the ancient architectural designs. Above all; this town is known for its participation in World War II. A visit to Regensburg will help you understand how World War II began. Regensburg is definitely a must visit place while in Germany.

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Germany also houses a couple of coastal regions. Rostock is one of them and is considered a crucial tourist attraction town in Germany. Rostock was first inhabited 800 years ago. As we all know, coastal regions have splendid outdoor activities which a person can engage in. These activities range from swimming, picnic in beaches and fishing, among others.

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Trier is located next to the Luxembourg border. Trier deserves to be among a must visit towns in German because of its rich history. It was once the capital city of west Roman Empire called Augusta Treverorum. This is the reason there are numerous roman structures up to date in this Germany’s old town. It is definitely an old town worth checking out. Additionally, Trier also houses the famous Moselle River.

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Wiesbaden is considered the city of leisure. This statement arose because of the numerous luxurious villas, parks and hotels in this City. Above all; it has old school architectural designs and marvelous restaurants. In short, a visit to Wiesbaden will make you forget the stress you are experiencing.

Must- Visit: Gambling is the main activity in Wiesbaden. Therefore, you should make an effort of checking out the famous Kurhaus and Casino Wiesbaden. Here, you will have a wide range of games to choose from. These games range from poker tables, blackjack and the building house roulette.

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Finally, we have Wuerzburg. This region is renowned for its sweet and unique dry white wines. Generally, a visit to this place will help you understand the wine making process and check out very beautiful vineyards.

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