15 Best West Coast Beach Destinations To Explore This Summer

West Coast houses a lot of splendid beaches to the point people are confused on which beaches to choose for their vacation. Love-Hate Relationship decided to highlight a few American beautiful beach towns worth checking out. They started off by highlighting a few towns on the American west coast. Surprisingly, people requested Love-Hate Relationship to enlarge the list and give them a wide range of variety to choose from.

Anacortes, Washington

Bowman Bay Anacortes WA

Anacortes in Washington is worth visiting, let along checking out for various reasons. The natural beauty of this location makes it worth being ranked on top of this list. Moreover; the fishing spots, beach bike rides and beach walks makes this place likely and worth selecting for your west coast vacation. Anacortes is located in between Vancouver and Seattle. As earlier stated, this top notch beach town is very lively and full of activity. This has boasted ferry services to the British Columbia and San Juan Islands. Above all, this picture perfect beach town has something for everyone. You can either choose cozy bungalow and side shore cottages. It all depends on your budget. Moving on, Anacortes has activities for both children and adult. It has a deception pass state park, Cranberry Lake. Lastly, you can dine at the Anthony’s at Cap Sante. This town is definitely worth your time and effort.

Avila Beach, California

Avila Beach, California

Apart from fishing and cycling tours, Avila beach is a top notch perfect beach town in West coast worth visiting. This town in California boosts for housing spectacular shopping center that have something for everyone. In addition to these, this quiet west coast town has a lot of amazing places worth checking out. These spots range from Avila Beach paddlesports and the old custom house, among others. That’s not all; Avila beach houses different rentals, which vary in prices. This makes it easy for people to choose rentals within their budget. LHR encourages people to visit the market on Friday, if they desire to find handmade products and local produce.

Bandon, Oregon

Bandon, Oregon

Bandon deserves to be in this list as among the best picture perfect beach towns in West coast. This is mostly linked with the numerous positive reviews on the internet about this marvelous coastal town. It is the best place to capturing sunset with your camera. It is characterized with wild waves, unique towering rocks and flat beaches make it an ideal location for your vacation along the west coast region. Bandon in Oregon presents you the opportunity to view the amazing Oregon coast. This happens in different dimensions, depending on your current location. That’s not all; this splendid beach town houses amazing boutiques, restaurants and historic gallery sites. Perfect examples range from Alloro Wine bar & restaurant and the Bullards beach state park, among others. This beach town also houses a couple of viewpoints points for watching the sunset. Lastly, there are more than 80 rental places to choose from during your stay in this location.

Cambria, California

Moonstone Beach Cambria

Cambria in California is definitely everyone’s dream coastal town. It amazing terrain and outstanding viewpoints attract numerous people from all over the world. There are numerous spots in this town that offer splendid background for taking pictures and creating memories with your loved ones. You can either choose rural retreat joints or cozy cottages in this location. Anyone who visits this west coast town will get the opportunity to see a couple of antique and art galleries shops. Cambria is an easy to access town as it is next to the busy and famous Paso Robles. This is what makes this beach town preferred by people looking for a superb beach town on west coast for their vacation. Moreover, Cambria has a lot of activities and places you can visit. These places range from the Moonstone beach, Hearst castle and the Robin’s restaurant, among others.

Capitola, California

Capitola, California

Capitola has a lot of things to offer to people on vacation, bearing in mind it has a very rich history. This town can be traced back up to 143 years ago. Photography in this beach town is at its peak as everyone wants to record some precious memories about this beach town. Capitola boosts for housing the oldest coastal resort in entire California. That’s not all; Capitola is one of the few beach towns in west coast that have a splendid Mediterranean climate. This automatically makes it an ideal location for your west coast vacation. Above all; there are numerous rentals in this town to choose from. Each rental comes with its own price and unique environment. Capitola offers numerous beach activities such as boat riding, fishing, swimming, picnic; and food tour, among others. In conclusion, you can visit spots such as Capitola Beach Company and Shadowbrook to make your stay in this beach town more fun.

Carmel, California

Carmel, California

Ever imagined of staying in a beach town with numerous spectacular and breathtaking landscapes? If yes, Carmel in California is the place to be. Landscapes such as Monterey bay, Big Sur and point Lobos make it a perfect picture perfect beach town along the west coast. Carmel has superb infrastructure that make a vacation in this location very comfortable. This is in terms of golf courses, fancy hotels, restaurants and boutiques, among others. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to check out historical sites and understand the story behind them. Carmel in California also houses the great and famous Morgan winery. Camel walks and La Balena are other joints worth checking out.

Cayucos, California

Cayucos is located in between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It deserves to be in the list of top picture perfect beach towns because of the number of tourists it attracts throughout the year. Cayucos in California is well known for its hiking activities on the dunes, along the coastal region. This is one of the reasons you should consider it for your west coast vacation. There are other jovial activities you can engage yourself in while in this splendid beach town. They range from sunbathing in one of the prestigious local beaches, trying out kayaking in Morro Bay and going out on a vineyard tour. Cayucos is quite small. Therefore, these activities can be carried out within a day. Lastly, there are more than 50 rentals you can check out in this location before making any reservation.

Friday Harbor, Washington

Friday Harbor, Washington

Are you into seafood? If yes, you must choose Friday Harbor for a splendid moment on your vacation on the west coast. First, you can have all the fresh seafood meal you need in this west coast town. Numerous fancy and classy restaurants have been established to offer delicious meals. Additionally, Friday harbor has numerous cycling routes you can follow when having a quality time alone or with your loved one. This location also houses a port, which anyone can pass by and check it out. That’s not all; you can easily board a ferry to San Juan Island, where you can enjoy hiking, kayaking and also check out a couple of whales inside the whale museum. Friday harbor entices people to visit this spot as it has over 120 rentals, most of which are pocket friendly. Ensure you visit Lime Kiln point State park and Cask & Schooner public house & restaurant while on your stay in Friday Harbor.

Gearhart, Oregon

Gearhart is a perfect getaway town in West coast if you desire a break from the tiresome congested towns. Well, Gearhart has no heavy traffic. This is one of the aspects that make it a perfect picture beach town in west coast. You can play golf in the famous Gearhart Golf links, after which you can enjoy delicious delicacies at Nonni’s Italian Bistro. That’s not all; you can learn to surf or go hiking along the coast line. Numerous online reviews praise Gearhart for its beautiful sceneries. This makes it a perfect spot for taking pictures along the west Coast. Make an effort of visiting the young rivers fall, during your stay in this superb beach town in Oregon. In conclusion, there are over 65 pocket-friendly rentals in this location worth checking out.

Laguna Beach, California

Everyone desires to travel to Laguna Beach town at some point in life. This is because of some famous and magnificent tourist attraction sites such as the Angeles stadium and Disneyland. Above all, there are numerous arts shows, studios and craft festivals throughout the year. Laguna Beach is suitable for both adults and children. Spots such as the Laguna Beach weekend trolley 230 Forest Avenue and Crescent bay point park are suitable for the entire family. You should consider Laguna Beach as your west coast vacation destination for its numerous rentals. You can easily find a rental that suits your planned budget.

Newport, Oregon

newport beach in oregon

This is one of the most charming and picture perfect Beach towns in the west coast. There are numerous activities which a person can engage in while on vacation in Newport. These activities range from watching sea lions, enjoying some delicious seafood and admiring the ocean from different dimensions and angles. Additionally, you can easily find restaurants and rentals throughout this dazzling town. You should make an effort of visiting The Bayfront and try out hot tubs. Anyone can comfortably settle in this beach town while creating memories with their loved ones. Newport houses numerous rentals, which vary in price. This is definitely a must visit location.

Pacific City, Oregon

Pacific city houses all the necessary amenities to make your vacation special. This quiet picture perfect beach town is well known for its fishing boats and spectacular shorelines. Well, pacific city offers has more to offer. You can participate in hiking around Cape Kiwanda State Natural area. Alternatively, you can zip and surf on the ocean. This beach town in Oregon brightens up every September as athletes come from all over the globe for the Kiwanda Longboard Classic. This event is characterized by immense surfing skills, live music and a couple of local beers. Make an effort of visiting Nestucca Bay National wildlife refuge and the green acres Beach & Trail rides.

Pacific Grove, California

Do you desire to reside next to a friendly community when on vacation in west coast? If yes, make pacific Grove your destination. There are over 165 rentals in this town to choose from. These rentals vary in prices and locations. Therefore, you can easily identify a rental that goes hand in hand with your budget and suits your needs. Additionally, there are numerous breathtaking and relaxing points a person can choose. These spots range from the Segway Tours Monterey and Pacific Groove monarch sanctuary. In conclusion, you should try out the seafood in this location before your vacation comes to an end.

Seal Beach, California

Seal Beach, California

Do you desire a bungalow or a simple rental house while on vacation? If yes, choose Seal Beach town in California. It is considered heaven on earth. This magnificent Beach town, houses a lot of fun activities and amazing spots worth checking out. Additionally, there are numerous magnificent beaches in this California town that offer perfect background for taking pictures. Make an effort of visiting Crystal Cove Beach and Seal Beach pier if your desire to have a spectacular time in this location. That’s not all; Seal Beach has numerous top class restaurants and eateries worth checking out.

Westport, Washington

Lastly, we have the Westport in Washington. It is characterized by numerous migrating birds and fishing boats. Westport has a very beautiful scenery and attractions sites that make it a favorite picture perfect Beach town worth choosing when planning for a vacation along the west coast. A visit to Westport grants you the opportunity to check out the tallest lighthouse in the state, Westport Maritime Museum and the famous Cranberry Road Winery. It definitely deserves to be in the list.