15 Most Beautiful Streets In The World Which Are As Pretty As A Pictures

Streets across the globe look different. This factor is linked with their architectural design, its environment, the design of the street and above all the historic events that occurred. These four factors play a crucial role on how streets look. This is the reason some streets are highly ranked and admired when compared to others. A blend of top notch architectural designs and technology influence the look of highly ranked streets across the globe. People are always curious on which are the most beautiful streets in the world. Well; today is your day. Below are the 19 most beautiful streets in the world worth checking out:

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Photography ©Jason Humbracht

It’s no surprise that San Miguel de Allende tops the list in housing one of the world’s most beautiful streets. Actually, San Miguel de Allende was ranked the best city in the world in the year 2013. It is still being recommended for anyone who desires to go on vacation. The Aldama Street is always on everyone’s lips when they approach this City. Its unique architectural designs and looks amaze everyone who passes through this street. This street is both colorful and has a rich history. This is a must visit place if you happen to be on route to Mexico City.

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Budapest, Hungary

Photography ©Domingo Leiva

Hungary is well known for its superb architectural designs throughout the Country. Budapest is privileged to house Zrínyi Utca Street. This is pure Pedestrian Street. This gives people the opportunity to perfectly admire this top notch beautiful street. The planning and the designing of this Street, was carefully planned. Zrínyi Utca Street is privileged to house marvelous architectural designs by legendary architects. That’s not all; this marvelous street in Budapest gives a perfect view of some famous structures such as Saint Stephen’s Basilica, among others. This is definitely a street worth checking out.

Tehran, Iran

Anyone who visits Tehran for the first time will be left amazed. Tehran is designed in way that it gives people the opportunity to view the famous Alborz Mountains. Residential buildings are systemically organized to give this unique look. Secondly, Tehran has been included in this list for housing the famous Tohid tunnel. Tohid tunnel is actually the third largest tunnel in the entire Middle East. That’s not all; Tehran houses the sixth tallest tower globally. The Mildad tower design brightens up everything around it.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Beauty is one of the reasons Bruges in Belgium is nicknamed the Venice of the North. The picture above just give a glimpse of what the entire Bruges looks like. The magnificent residential & commercial structures, systematic arrangement of trees and evenly distributed night light make this a well preserved city. Bruges is ranked to contain beautiful Streets because of the reflection of the marvel buildings in the canals and the cobble stone streets. Cobble stone was used to build a significant amount of the Bruges streets. The beautiful and marvelous look of this City has been maintained for years and continues to be preserved.

Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

Small Islands across Italy are known to have canals along their streets. Well, Burano is one of the islands in Italy which have managed to achieve a splendid looking and well designed canals across its streets. This feature makes Burano be ranked as one of the cities in the word to house beautiful streets. Above all; the multi-colored building structures along the canal add flavor and look of the entire island. Burano was at one point voted one of the most colorful places on earth. Make Burano a must visit place as you explore Italy.

Kyoto, Japan

Tetsugaku No Michi Street in Kyoto Japan is another beautiful street. Japan is well known for its rich culture and preserving nature. This magnificent Street in Kyoto is characterized by clean water canal that stretches throughout the Tetsugaku No Michi street. That’s not all; the UNESCO World heritage site and the famous Past Ginkaku-ji temple make this street more famous. These two sites are one of the reasons why this street in Kyoto was ranked top among the most beautiful streets in the world. That’s not all; trees along this road fully bloom around April. This makes people experience a very unique moment when passing through this street.

York, England

York deserves to be in this list because it has maintained most of the looks it acquired during the 14 th century. York in England is unique in that no other city in the world replicates is design. This is in terms of architectural designs and the materials used for construction. Most of the buildings in York have a timber-frame that occasionally mentions the name of the street you are in. You should make an effort of visiting York while in England and get the chance to see the blend of ancient and modern architectural designs.

Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba, Spain

Ever heard of the beautiful narrow street in Spain? If yes, you probably heard about Calleja de las Flores Street. This marvelous and breathtaking street is located in the heart of Cordoba. Calleja de las Flores Street is characterized by white washed walls and numerous flowers, hanging on top of the two adjacent building structures. Actually, this beautiful street in Cordoba is categorized among the top tourist attraction sites in Spain. That’s not all; the plaza, which this street leads to, receives a lot of visitors, simply because of the unique look and design of this street.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires in Argentina is famous for holding a lot of history since the late 19 th century. Well; the multicolor homes is one of the rich history about the locals. Surprisingly, this history turned out to decorate one of the most beautiful and marvelous streets in the world. The multicolor history explains how the European immigrants made their way to this place from Italy. They were poorly paid and could hardly afford descent housing. Therefore, they used sheet metals, which were coated with leftover paint. This trend got popular to the point different colors were incorporated. In conclusion, this is how the beautiful and colorful streets in Buenos Aires were born.

San Francisco, California

The famous Lombard Street

The United States of America isn’t left out when it comes to mentioning the beautiful streets in the world. Lombard Street in San Francisco is a major tourist attraction site in California. Initially, the Lombard Street was designed to force cars to slow down as they descended the steep hill. This street was completed in 1922. Ever since, people gather around and watch drivers carefully steer their cars through the numerous turns. That’s not all; Lombard Street is surrounded by all green plants and a couple of purple flowers. The beauty of this street has made it provide a perfect background for taking pictures.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen in Morocco is ranked among the most beautiful streets in the world because of its different shades of blue color. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in the year 1471. This is the reason Chefchaouen still has that ancient architectural structure. The blue color started being painted on the streets when Jews came to exile from Spain. Blue dye is used by the Jewish people to remind them of God’s power. Anyone visiting Chefchaouen should make an effort of visiting Rue Outiwi, Rue Bin Souaki and Al Hassan Onsar.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Jerez de la Frontera is well known for its sweet wine. Well, the grape leaves in Andalusia conjoin to form a beautiful and unique shade between the two adjacent buildings. The street in the historic center benefits from the effects of the grape leaves. The grape plant and leaves are properly maintained throughout the year to ensure the spectacular look of the street next to the historic center doesn’t lose its natural and beautiful look.

Bonn, Germany

Bonn in Germany is a seasonal beautiful street. It is characterized by numerous trees on both side of the road. These trees conjoin for roughly two to three weeks each spring to form a somewhat magical tunnel full of cherry blossoms. Bonn is one of the most visited Cities in Germany, according to the recent studies. Numerous tourists and photographers visit this location in spring to capture captivating pictures of the beautiful streets across Bonn. A visit to this place will make you feel like you are in another planet. Bonn definitely deserves to be in this list.

Lijiang, China

Lijiang, China

The UNESCO world heritage site in Lijiang is what has opened this town to the public. Lijiang in China is believed to be more than 1000 years. It was ranked to poses among the beautiful streets in the World. These streets range from Wuyi Street Wenzhi alley or Qiyi Street Chongron Alley. All these streets are characterized by well placed and systematically arranged walkways and canals. That’s not all; properly trimmed and lightings are placed on the side of the canals to give it a reflective nature, especially at night. In conclusion, there are some view points where you can admire the marvelous streets.

BallyMoney, Northern Ireland

Are you a fan of Games of Throne? If yes, you might have seen the birch lined street at some point in the movie without noticing. Bregagh road was actually designed in the 18 th century. The Bregagh road is characterized by a narrow tarmac road that is surrounded by conjoining trees at the top. Additionally, the sideway of the road should be green throughout the year. This is what makes it unique and magnificent to the point of being ranked among the most beautiful streets in the world.

Paris, France

Apart from being considered the city of love, Paris houses among the most famous streets in the world. Champs Elysees has been custom made to be ranked the most beautiful street in the world. It is characterized by well manicured tree lines throughout the long avenue. The tree line extends from the Champs Elysees to the Arc d’Triomphe. It is no surprise Paris is among the cities that houses splendid streets all over the world. The local Government has set aside a reasonable amount of money to ensure all the streets are well managed.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam continues to be among the leading tourist attraction sites for many years now. Its many canals and with lined boats and bicycles on the path way has made it full of fun activities. Amsterdam has splendid streets in that they are properly lit. Additionally, it houses well designed commercial and residential sites. The canal pathways are always clean, throughout the year. This is what has made Amsterdam be considered among the cities that house splendid streets in the world. That’s not all; this location offers a perfect background for taking photographs.

Agueda, Portugal

Agueda, Portugal

Residents of Agueda, Portugal take Agitagueda Art festival seriously. This festival was launched in 2011 in an attempt to manage the high temperatures that spark each summer. As a result, residents decided to set up numerous colorful umbrellas on top of the streets to provide shade to passers-by. Surprisingly, this trend was gladly adopted and it became a part of some streets. These colorful umbrellas give streets in Agueda a marvelous look to the point it has become a top notch tourist attraction in Portugal.

These are some of the most beautiful streets in the world. Make an effort of visiting those you can.