5 Best Australian TV Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix

G’day, mate! Are you looking for some Aussie flavor on the shows you binge-watch?

There are tons of great Australian television shows you can watch on streaming platforms. But, there are so many shows out there; it can be hard to decide what to watch. How do you know where to start?

Check out the best Australian TV shows you can check out on Netflix.

1. Wentworth

If you love Orange Is The New Black, you need to check out Wentworth. Wentworth is a remake of Prisoner, a 1980s prison drama. Wentworth is an ensemble drama about women’s prisons. If you love queer content, this is certainly a show for you to check out. 

Wentworth features pathos, drama, comedy, and so much more. It can be dark and violent, so it’s probably not a good show to watch with children. But if you want something with a lot of episodes, Wentworth should be definitely high on your list of what to watch in 2021.

Since the show is an ensemble, characters filter in and out. Actors who have previously been on the show include Nicole Da Silva, Danielle Cormack, Shareena Clanton, Tammy MacIntosh, and many others. Current actors featured on the show include Kate Atkinson, Rarriwuy Hick, Leah Purcell, and Susie Porter, among others. 

The eighth and final season of Wentworth is set to come out in 2021, so what are you waiting for? Get caught up ASAP.

2. Sisters

While Sisters is just one season, it packs a punch. Sisters tells the story of Julia Bechly, who finds out that her doctor father, who is about to die, fertilized thousands of women with his own sperm.

She meets and bonds with two of the children (the only two sisters) resulting from the insemination. One of the sisters is Roxy Karibas, an actor struggling with substance issues, played by Lucy Durack. The other is Edie Flanagan, a lawyer struggling with her marriage and sexuality, played by Antonia Prebble.

An American reboot of this show, called Almost Family and starring Brittany Snow, was recently attempted, but it doesn’t quite live up to the original. So, you’ll probably want to stick with the Australian version of the story.

3. Please Like Me

If you’re looking for a comedy, you’ll definitely want to check out Please Like Me. Written and starring Josh Thomas, this show explores the realness of life with a great deal of humor. The show features dark topics such as suicide, coming out, mental health issues, relationships, pregnancy, and so much more.

One of the stars of the show is the incredible comedian Hannah Gadsby. Some of the other amazing cast members include Caitlin Stasey, Debra Lawrence, Renee Lim, Emily Barclay, and many others. There are four seasons of the show for you to enjoy.

For those who are having trouble accessing Australian television in the first place, read this article for all the help you need. You’ll want to make sure you have the opportunity to watch Please Like Me, one of the top Australian Netflix shows.

4. Offspring

Offspring is one of the most creative shows in the history of Australian television. This show incorporates lots of different aspects in one package, including different fantasy sequences and even animation.

The show actually spun off from a television movie, also called Offspring. Seven seasons of the show have aired, although there are no current plans for a season 8.

The main character of Offspring is Nina Proudman, a doctor. Nina Proudman is played by Asher Keddie. Other actors featured on the show are Linda Cropper, Alicia Gardiner, Matthew Le Nevez, Deborah Mailman, and Kat Stewart.

Offspring also inspired a web series spin-off, called Offspring: The Nurses. This spinoff highlights various nurses that appear on the show.

5. Stateless

For a show with a deeper meaning, you should make sure that you check out Stateless.

The show is partially based on the story of Cornelia Rau, a citizen of Australia living with mental health issues who was unlawfully held in prison because she was thought to be in violation of immigration laws. Stateless centers on four people who are struggling with immigration issues in Australia.

Stateless stars Yvonne Strahovski, who North American audiences will know from Chuck and The Handmaid’s Tale, Dominic West, Fayssal Bazzi, and the incomparable Oscar winner Cate Blanchett.

Stateless is a six-part miniseries, so if you don’t have much time to commit to a television show, it could be a great choice for you. The show explores real issues in the world today, so it’s also a great choice if you’re looking to learn more about current events.

Watch More Australian Netflix Shows

Have you seen all these shows? Well, never fear. There are tons of other Australian television shows on Netflix. Here are just a sampling of shows you might want to check out:

  • Kath & Kim
  • Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun 
  • Secret City
  • Tidelands
  • Glitch
  • Instant Hotel
  • Bad Mothers
  • Why Are You Like This?
  • The Letdown

This is just a sampling of amazing Australian shows available to you. If you’ve seen everything on Netflix, you should take a look at what’s available on all the other streaming platforms. That way, you won’t miss your next favorite Australian television show.

New shows come out all the time, too, so keep on it, and something you’ll love will definitely come out soon. That’s particularly true when it comes to reality shows, one of the most popular genres in Australia.

Binge The Best Australian TV Shows on Netflix Today

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