8 Least Explored But Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In America

Everyone at some point in life desires to tie a knot with his/her partner, isn’t it? Well, certain things must be organized before the wedding day. The most obvious one is identifying a honeymoon spot for you and your partner. This activity must be handled a few weeks or months to your wedding. Sadly, this process isn’t simple and easy as it sounds. As we all know, you must have a good amount of saving to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon with your spouse. Secondly, you must identify the needs and preference of your spouse before choosing any spot in America. Well, Love-Hate Relationship simplified everything by compiling a list of top 8 honeymoon spots in America worth checking out. This list was compiled through research, collection and analysis of data from Travelers reviews.

Love-Hate Relationship simplified everything by going an extra mile and listing the Cities and towns which these romantic spots lay. Numerous couples prefer honeymoon destinations that are quite, secluded and in a serene environment. Start off by having a rough idea of the setting you desire on your honeymoon destination. Afterwards, carefully peruse over the list before making up your mind on the American spot you have selected. That’s not all; websites like TripAdvisor has spectacular beautiful private rental packages to share with couples planning for their honeymoon. The private rental packages make it easy to find accommodation and transportation services throughout your stay. Let us waste no time and check out these top eight honeymoon spots in America very few people know exist:

Boone, North Carolina

Photography ©Hartman Outdoor Photography

Boone in North Carolina deserves to top this list. There are numerous fun activities couples can enjoy while having a quality time with each other. Boone tops the list as it has something for everyone. Couples can choose to relax in a Spa, take a tour around the local breweries and take up a few adventures. These adventures range from riding a white water raft, climbing the Blue Ridge Mountains and boarding a cruise on the Blue Ridge parkway. In addition to all these, Boone is located in a serene environment that makes it possible to enjoy both sunrise and sunset. Above all; the local residents are friendly. This makes life for couples in this location more comfortable.

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Photography ©Kate Timbers Photography

As the name suggests, Folly Beach is a coastal region. Couples should consider Folly Beach in South Carolina for their honeymoon for various reasons. First, this is a pocket friendly place and classy at the same time. Couples who went on vacation or on honeymoon in this location always recommend it to other couples. Folly beach meets the entire threshold for a honeymoon venue. It is a very comfortable and relaxing joint. Secondly, you and your spouse will be able to enjoy the fresh ocean air. Lastly, there are numerous water activities you can engage in. These activities range from swimming and Surfboarding, among others.

Lake Arrowhead, California

Lake Arrowhead, California
Photography ©Whimsie Photo + Video

Are you and your spouse in love with nature? If yes, you should mark Lake Arrowhead as your honeymoon spot. This honeymoon spot is in a perfect and serene environment in that you can see the San Bernardino National forest. This means you and your spouse can easily visit this National. Secondly, Lake Arrowhead is far from the City. This makes it an ideal honeymoon spot for couples who desire to rest from the busy life of the City. Above all, couples can go hiking while taking memorable pictures from this spectacular location. Lastly, you can comfortably relax while admiring the peaceful lake views while talking with your spouse. Lake Arrowhead spot definitely deserves to be included in the list.

Snowshoe, West Virginia

Photography ©Andrea Rodway Photography

Snowshoe in West Virginia is the place to choose for your honeymoon, if you are comfortable with intermediate and cold weather conditions. This is one of the most undermined towns in West Virginia. Couples who choose this location for their honeymoon have a lot of fun activities to choose from. These activities range from snowboarding and hiking, among others. That’s not all; you can also enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery with your spouse. Above all, you should consider this spot because of its fresh air and a cool environment for having a quality time with your loved one.

Bryson City, North Carolina

Bryson City, North Carolina
Photography ©Brooke Waldroup Photography

Bryson City is suitable for couple who love outdoor activities and have some extra cash to spare. This spot is well known by the local residents for housing a series of fun activities. These activities range from zip-lining, mountain bike riding and above all going on a ride on a vintage railroad. That’s not all; are numerous spots where you and your spouse can watch the sunset in the evening. A visit to this honeymoon spot guarantees a quality time with your loved one.

Captiva Island, Florida

Captiva Island, Florida
Photography ©Lennon Photography

The internet is full of positive reviews when you mention the name Captiva Island. This honeymoon spot is located in the heart of Captiva village. This is an indication it is far from the noisy and hectic City life. Captiva Island has spectacular beaches that couples can choose from. These beaches are clean and less populated. This makes them a perfect choice for couples on honeymoon. That’s not all; this honeymoon spot in Florida has top notch restaurants around. Therefore, you can comfortably dine and drink with your spouse while relaxing.

Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Saint Simons Island, Georgia
Photography ©Rainey Gregg Photography

Saint Simons Island offers a lot of activities for couples. This statement applies to both onshore and offshore activities. You can either swim on the beaches or prepare a picnic with your loved one. Alternatively, you can play golf on this Underrated honeymoon spot. That’s not all; couples who have visited this location are constantly praising the seafood they tasted at the local restaurants and pubs. Lastly, the private rentals in Saint Simons Island are very pocket friendly.

Waianae, Hawaii

Last on the list is Waianae. It is located on the Oahu Island. This is a very lively place for couples who love interacting with the locals. Selecting Waianae as your honeymoon destination brings you and your spouse a lot to the table. You will be privileged to see dolphins swimming and jumping around. You will also get quality time with your spouse as you tour this town and walk along the coastal regions. It is definitely worth checking out.