America’s Most Beautiful Churches, Cathedrals & Basilica’s You Must Visit Once In Lifetime

The United States of America is one of the numerous countries in the world which are privileged to house beautiful Churches, cathedrals & Basilica. These sites act as both religious worship places and tourist attraction sites. Numerous people travel from all over the globe to come and view these marvelous religious spots. These religious spots are always on them lime light because of their top notch architectural and interior designs. Numerous people find it difficult to name the top notch religious spots in America worth checking out. Are you one of them? If yes, LHR has simplified everything for you. We have come up with top 20 most beautiful churches, Cathedrals & Basilica worth checking out.

Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC

Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC

Washington national cathedral managed to grab the first spot of the most beautiful religious spots in America worth checking out. This position was attained after putting numerous factors into consideration. First, it was built in Washington DC, the central base of most of Government operations. This makes it in the limelight almost all the times. Secondly, it is made up of unique and marvelous materials. These materials range from the towering stained-glass windows to Notre dame esque façade, among others. Above all, the strategic high location of the Washington National Cathedral makes it one of a kind in the entire Washington. Ensure you get the opportunity to check out the interior design of this magnificent Cathedral. Any trip to the Washington National Cathedral is incomplete if you don’t see the interior of this Cathedral. Afterwards, take a stroll into the garden while admiring its neatness. Inquire about the path that leads into the only old forest left in the entire Washington. Complete your tours in this religious spot by checking out different galleries in the cathedral’s observation gallery room.

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans LA

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans LA

New Orleans is well known for being the birthplace of Jazz music. Well; it also happens to house the oldest church in North America. St. Louis cathedral is located in the French Quarter. Anyone who intends to visit New Orleans should make an effort of visiting marvelous and breathtaking Cathedral. St. Louis cathedral stands out from other religious centers in New Orleans because of its unique architectural design. Most people describe this religious spot by using the three sharp-like designs on top of this structure. This oldest church in North America always holds a mass everyday at noon. Make an effort of joining the local congregation for a mass. Apart from its spectacular beauty, St. Louis cathedral also has a lot of rich history about how the street vendors, musicians and artists played a crucial role in the establishment of this oldest church in North America. Consider touring the French Quarter before or after checking out the St. Louis Cathedral.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist/ Savannah, Georgia

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Savannah, Georgia

Anyone in Savannah, Georgia can easily notice the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist without being told. It outshines other religious churches, Cathedrals & Basilica around because of its top notch design. St John’s cathedral is characterized by gold and striking white colors. Additionally, its windows have been given unique and different designs. This brings out some form of creativity on the architecture’s side. That’s not all; the cathedral of St. John the Baptist is also characterized by a couple of stained glasses that right above the altar. These are some of the features that attract people from all over the world to come and admire this magnificent religious spot in Savannah Georgia. Consider visiting this beautiful cathedral with Trip Advisor to make it more fun and entertaining. Who knows, you might get the opportunity to hear the iconic pipe organ.

Memorial Presbyterian Church/ St. Augustine, Florida

Memorial Presbyterian Church St. Augustine, Florida

Italy is well known for its top notch architectural designs, isn’t it? Well; the memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida looks like an Italian design. This is actually one of the reasons why it is ranked among the most beautiful churches in America. The memorial Presbyterian Church is characterized by marble mausoleum, on the entrance of the church and some selected parts of this religious spot. Additionally, it is characterized by stain styled glasses on most window sections. You should consider visiting this spectacular religious and tourist attraction spot while in Florida as it is less congested and occupied when compared to other top notch cathedral’s, churches & Basilica within America. Trip Advisor encourages people to book a reservation on the St. Augustine trolley tour for an easy opportunity to view this religious spots and other tourist attraction sites in this location.

Byodo-In Temple/ kaneaohe, Hawaii

Byodo- In Temple is among the top tourist attraction sites in the steep mountains of Oahu, Hawaii. This is a non- denominational temple. Therefore, anyone can freely visit this site at his/her own will. Anyone who has visited this place has recommended it to other people and given it a high rating. The location of this non-denominational temple gives it a superb look. The Byodo-In Temple is located on the low steeps of the Oahu Island. Secondly, it is beautifully designed. This statement applies to the footpaths leading to the temple itself and the entire temple structure. Hawaii is well known to house a lot of unique religious beliefs when compared to other regions in America. A perfect example is the act of ringing a sacred bell before entering the Temple. This act is believed to bring happiness in your life. Consider visiting the beautiful Byodo-In Temple if you desire to beautiful sacred place with a breathtaking environment.

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, Missouri

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, Missouri

Who wouldn’t want to see one of the largest mosaic Cathedrals in the world? Everyone desires to check out highly rated and unique religious centers in America, isn’t it? Well; cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is well known for possessing numerous glass display designs all over this mosaic cathedral. The mosaic look and the different number of glasses used in this design make the entire cathedral look marvelous. The famous tiffany studios Company took a crucial role in the designing and the establishment of this religious spot. Tourists are always allowed to take a stroll around the Cathedral’s grounds to have a perfect view of the numerous arches and its two domes. Ensure you check out the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis Museum. This gives you the opportunity to understand the meaning of the artifacts around this spectacular church. In conclusion, consider the guided tours. They make everything simple and easy.

San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral/ San Antonio, Texas

San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral

San Fernando de Bexar Cathedral is both a religious and a historic spot. Anyone who visits San Antonio in Texas is encouraged to visit San Fernando de Bexar cathedral. Above all, this is the oldest cathedral in the entire Texas. San Antonio is known for its famous battle of Alamo. San Fernando De Bexar cathedral houses the bodies of a couple of fallen soldiers who lost their lives in this war. Tourists are encouraged to visit this religious spot at night to be able to see the 20 minute light show inside the cathedral’s premise. San Fernando De Bexar cathedral is ranked among the most beautiful cathedrals in America because of its ancient look design. It is one of the few religious spots that manage to keep this unique look over the years. You will also learn the role of this church among the local residents after the battle of Alamo.

Grace Cathedral/ San Francisco, California

Grace Cathedral San Francisco, California

Anyone who has been privileged to visit Grace Cathedral in San Francisco has been left amazed by its strategic location and its architectural design. It is actually the pride of San Francisco. Numerous people travel across the globe just to glimpse at this unique religious spot. TripAdvisor has a spectacular package that ensures you cover all the important spots inside this marvelous religious spot. You will always find cars on the side of the road, leading to this spot. Grace cathedral houses a lot of spectacular events and activities that entice people to always flock inside this beautiful religious spot. You might be lucky to hear the sound of the pianos or piped instruments both on the inside and outside of the premise. Book the TripAdvisor San Francisco city tour today and get a glimpse of this marvelous religious spot while learning about the haunted story about this spot.

Trinity Church, New York

Trinity Church deserves to be voted the most beautiful church in the entire United States of America. It is categorized by a stylish yet difficult to achieve architectural design. Trinity Church is well known in history for being the final resting place of Alexander Hamilton. His remains are buried underneath the church. Additionally, this revival church can be traced up to 300 years ago. It is located in the heart of the Manhattan Mayhem in New York. Trinity Church in New York gained its popularity for being a quiet spot in the financial district. You will easily notice the silence once you enter this revival church. You should make an effort of visiting the trinity church or join the Hamilton walking tour to learn everything about the history and the death of Alexander Hamilton. Trinity church is considered a favorite spot for musical fans. This gives you the perfect opportunity to interact with people from across the globe.

Chapel of the Holy Cross/ Sedona, Arizona

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona, Arizona

Ever heard about the beautiful chapel in the middle of the desert? If yes, it is the famous chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona. A significant part of the Arizona is desert. This is what makes this chapel famous across America and the world at large. The unique architectural design of this religious pilgrimage site makes it a tourist attraction for passers-by. Interestingly, this site is built next to huge rocks. This is what makes it stand out from anything that borders it. No one can dispute that the chapel of the Holy Cross deserves to be ranked among the most beautiful churches in the entire America. Book the TripAdvisor Sedona sightseeing tour to have the opportunity of seeing the Chapel of the Holy Cross and other attractive sites in Sedona. Make an effort of taking a few photos as this background offers a perfect background for taking pictures.

St. Philip’s Church/Charleston, South Carolina

St. Philip’s Church Charleston, South Carolina

St. Philip’s church traces its origin from the early 17 th century, during the colonial period. This ancient church serves as one of the major tourist attraction sites in Charleston and South Carolina at large. It is still a tourist attraction site even though the original building was ruined a long time ago. However, its structure has been modified and given a spectacular look. Additionally, it acts as a cemetery site for Key figures in the American History. These famous key figures range from Edward Rutledge, John Calhoun and Charles Pinckney. You should consider visiting one of the most beautiful churches to be constructed on American soil if you desire to get an insight understanding of the history behind this 400 years plus St. Philip’s church. Consequently, you can join the Historic Charleston walking tour to maximize your visit while in Charleston.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral/New York City

St. Patrick’s Cathedral New York City

Any structure in Manhattan New York must be magnificent and unique to stand out from the rest of the structures. Well, St. Patrick’s cathedral has beaten all the odds and emerged among the most beautiful religious spots in New York worth checking out. It is characterized by tall twin spires and a wide rose window. The windows in this religious spot are unique and comprise a blend of numerous colors. That’s not all; anyone touring New York will easily spot St. Patrick’s cathedral. You can join the cathedral’s donation tours to perfectly check out one of the beautiful cathedrals in the American soil. These donation-based tours are offered at least twice to four times a week. Consequently, you can join the New York Sightseeing tour package to check out numerous tourist attraction sites In New York, apart from the famous and beautiful St. Patrick’s cathedral.

Basilica of St. Mary/ Minneapolis, Minnesota

Basilica of St. Mary Minneapolis, Minnesota

Famous and experienced architects agree that this Basilica is a top notch architectural structure and it deserves all the necessary recognition. Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis is a blend of art and sculpture work. These sentiments make it a top tourist attraction site in Minneapolis and Minnesota at large. That’s not all; this Basilica went down in the books of the American history as the first Basilica to be established in the entire United States. A blend of art, religious spot and its rich history definitely makes it deserve a spot in the list of the beautiful religious spots in the Unites States of America. The Basilica of St. Mary has a lot of things to offer. Kick off your tour by visiting the permanent art collection section. Here, you will see different gallery specialties, liturgical vessel exhibit and the textile display. Above all; this religious spot houses a lot of public concerts.

Mission San Xazier del Bac/Tucson, Arizona

Mission San Xazier del Bac/Tucson, Arizona

This structure has been nicknamed the white dove of the desert. Mission San Xazier del Bac is characterized by white and brown color. Most of the exterior part of this religious spot is painted white wash color. Mission San Xazier del Bac is a perfect example of the Spanish Colonial architectural design. This is a unique structure in the American soil because very few structures with the Spanish architectural design still stand. Most part of its exterior design is characterized by the white wash design. Tucson and Arizona at large attracts a lot of customers because of housing the Mission San Xazier del Bac structure. Above all, this religious spot is operational and offers free tours around the premise every morning. Alternatively, you can book the guided tour to properly understand the history behind the establishment of this church. Ensure you visit this splendid religious spot while on route around Arizona.

Trinity Church/Boston, MA

Trinity Church Boston, MA

The location of the Trinity Church gives everyone the opportunity to check out the marvelous architectural design of this structure. Trinity church is located inside the famous Copley square. Numerous people come to this location simply to take pictures while standing in front of the top rated trinity church in Boston. Additionally, this religious spots acts as both a cultural and historical site. Boston named trinity church as among the most iconic and national historic landmarks. This is mostly linked to its unique architectural design that makes it look like an ancient castle. As a result, daily guided tours are offered every day for locals and tourists. These guided tours give them the opportunity to properly glance at the architectural design of this top notch church. You can also join the freedom trail walk tour to properly understand everything about this church and surrounding attraction sites.

Basilica of St. Josaphat/ Milwaukee, WI

Basilica of St. Josaphat Milwaukee, WI

Are you still looking for a beautiful church, cathedral or Basilica that will leave you speechless? If yes, look no further. Simply check out the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee. It is characterized by possessing one of the most beautiful environments when compared to other Basilica’s in the American soil. Crossing over, the Basilica of St. Josaphat is made up of Stained glass windows, big cooper dome and different forms and kinds of ornaments. This magnificent Basilica in Milwaukee has maintained the rich polish history culture throughout the years. Additionally, it holds daily catholic masses. It is considered a perfect religious spot for anyone around Milwaukee.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament/Sacramento, California

cathedral of the blessed sacrament sacramento california

Take time from your busy schedule to come and admire the beautiful cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, California. This magnificent and famous cathedral in California is located a few meters from California’s capital building. Apart from being a religious spot for the local residents, the Blessed Sacrament cathedral plays as a civic life and tourist attraction site. This cathedral was built around the 19 th century and still remains one of the biggest and the most attractive churches in the west of the Mississippi river. The cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, California offers both daily mass and bi-weekly tours.

Cathedral of St. Helena/ Montana

Cathedral of St. Helena/ Montana

The cathedral of St. Helena in Montana is built using an Australian village architectural design. In fact, it can easily blend in any village in Australia. This is the reason cathedral of St. Helena stands out among others structures around it. Additionally, it is in a strategic position in that there are numerous spots that a person can view this religious spot from a distance. This magnificent cathedral in Montana is characterized by windows with stained look design and grand towers, among others. Make an effort of visiting this magnificent structure with an Australian design.

Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Pennsylvania

Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Pennsylvania

The Bryn Athyn Cathedral in Pennsylvania is adored and visited by numerous people because of its serene location. It is located just outside the busy Philadelphia. This religious site has been custom made to accustom both children and adults. Bryn Athyn Cathedral church is characterized by a large space that paves way for different kinds of activities such as playing or picnic, among others. This cathedral in Pennsylvania is ranked among the most beautiful cathedrals in America because of its elegant and unique architecture. The church is made up of stainless glass windows and splendid sculptures. Above all; this church has a rich history behind its design and development. It is definitely worth checking out.

Scottish Rite Cathedral/ Indianapolis, IN

Scottish rite Cathedral Indianapolis, IN

This church belongs to some members of the freemason’s church. Numerous people in Indianapolis know this church because of its magnificent beauty. There is no one who passes this cathedral without noticing it. You are free to visit this church between Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 2pm.