Tips on Choosing the Everyday wear Jewelry

Choosing jewelry for everyday wear can be a daunting process. Due to delicacy and intricate design, not all pieces of jewelry are apt to be worn daily. For the everyday situation, you need pieces that are more durable than they actually appear. There are several latest designs of gold earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces that may match amazingly with your day to day outfits but may not offer you effectiveness to handle daily wear and tear. If you are still confused over what to choose and what to not, then stop troubling your mind. Read below to find tips to help you select the right everyday wear jewelry.

# 1. Know your Style:

The very first thing you need to do is figure out your style. Knowing your style does a lot of help in taking the right decision. Give a thought over what type of jewelry and wardrobe you prefer. What kind of personality you have and what kind of image you need to put forward in front of everyone. Find answers to all questions, plus, also consider your lifestyle. This will help know what kind of jewelry is right for you to don regularly.

# 2. Assess Durability:

The most important thing you need to check its durability. An everyday piece of jewelry should be durable to put on a lot of wear and tear. It should last long and should not break while carrying out daily tasks such as cleaning the home or working at the office. Especially, if you sport person or follow an active lifestyle, make jewelry choice cautiously. Whatever you purchase should be according to your lifestyle.

#3. Check Blending In:

Your everyday wear jewelry should be versatile enough to pair with multiple outfits. It should look equally good with professional and casual outfits. For example, a diamond ring or a watch can blend effectively with all kinds of ensembles. Plus, they are also fit for different occasions. Furthermore, when selecting everyday pieces avoid brightly colored or bulky pieces. These will make you look over-dressed and distort the appeal with formal outfits.

# 4. Focus on Comfort:

The most important thing that you can afford to overlook everyday jewelry is comfort. The jewelry piece that you are going to wear regularly should be delicate to your skin. Using a piece of heavy jewelry with intricate detailing may prove harsh to your skin. Additionally, if your skin is prone to some kind of allergies, make sure you look for simple and dainty gold jewelry.

Last but not the least, selecting jewelry for everyday wear implies that you are going to wear it at work too. Since a major portion of your daytime will be spent at the office, it is important to pick pieces that do not introduce any kind of hindrance while working. The jewelry you choose should also coordinate with your workwear and should allow you easy movement throughout the day. Moreover, when buying jewelry do not forget to compare 24k and 22k gold prices.

Happy shopping!!

An Expert’s Guide on How to Wear Rings

Ring is a powerful statement jewellery. It is capable of transforming your overall outfit and appeal. From subtle to bold, rings have an endless assortment. It works as the best jewellery gift for girlfriend, mother, or sister.

With such a vast collection probably there is a ring for everyone. In this guide, we will help you explore ways of wearing rings according to their style, outfit and other jewellery.

How to wear rings according to their style

Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about different ring styles and right way to wear them.

  • A solitaire ring embeds a single stone in prong or bezel setting. Be it any occasion, the solitaire ring looks good, but when paired with strapless attire it looks mind-boggling.
  • A three-stone ring features a centre stone between two smaller stones. This ring is not as subtle as solitaire ring but still you can wear it with both formal and informal attires. The ring is pretty sparkly so make sure to keep your manicure neutral.
  • A Halo ring embeds a center stone in bezel setting enclosed by a layer of smaller stones. The Halo ring is a statement piece so make it a piece for formal occasions or cocktail parties.
  • A cluster ring sports a cluster of small gemstones. This clustering can be found in different ring shapes that’s why it makes a good choice for formal gatherings or night outs.
  • The stack ring is recognizable by multiple bands stacked together. You can also try stacking rings by yourself. Buy it as a single or in multiple pieces stack ring works good with contemporary outfits.
  • A cocktail is a bold statement ring therefore it is preferable for cocktail, club parties, or other formal occasions. When wearing a cocktail ring avoid adorning a bracelet.
  • If statement rings aren’t your type, go for a simple band. These bands feature a channel setting and are versatile to be worn at anytime anywhere.
  • Geometric rings are a modish addition to existing ring designs. It is good to jazz up your simple outfits.

How to wear rings with your outfits & other jewelry

Gold or gold plated rings

Gold rings pair beautifully with gold jewelry. With different gold types these rings allow you create themes. For an instance, with rose gold ring, wear a yellow gold necklace and white gold earrings. Considering outfit, gold or gold plated ring can accompany any outfit. But before you head to shop gold ring do check out the latest rate of gold.

Platinum rings

Wear Platinum rings with platinum or white gold jewelry. Platinum ring can also be worn with pearl necklace, but make sure you choose an elegant outfit with it. For an edgy look wear platinum ring with an asymmetric gown.

Brass and copper rings

Copper & brass rings sport an amazing look with yellow gold and rose gold jewelry. They are bit casual, so choose your outfit appropriately. To put your best look forward wear brass ring and thing gold bangles with a floral print summer dress.

Picture Yourself in Love

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” fashion icon Coco Chanel famously observed. But you’ve probably heard similar advice from your career counselor, your personal shopper, and even your therapist. Embracing your uniqueness is the key to success and satisfaction in many realms.

Perhaps nowhere is this counsel more apt than in the world of online dating, where finding happiness is so dependent on acknowledging and communicating your true self. That’s why the best online dating applications ask you a multitude of questions when you sign up: to match you with someone who is simpatico with the real you. Somebody who shares, or at least can tolerate, your views on everything from pizza to politics.

But the algorithms dating apps use to suggest potential dates can only go so far in finding you a mate. The rest is up to you. Ultimately, it’s your dating profile that’s going to inspire someone to reach out to you or respond to your outreach. Your profile is where you can express your unique qualities, passions, and perspective and, yes, separate yourself from the crowd. Online dating is something of a competitive sport. To win, you need to play with heart.

Words are one way to make your dating profile compelling. If you’re quick with a phrase, you may have an advantage in the online dating world. But as a species, our attention spans are growing shorter. Some research now suggests that the average goldfish has a longer attention span the average human! That’s why a great image, which takes less time to mentally process than a carefully-worded sentence, can be more effective at grabbing the attention you want on dating apps and other social media.

Which brings us to the question, what makes a great image? A classically trained artist would point to composition (the arrangement of shapes, lines, textures and other elements within an image) as one important factor. Are the elements unified rather than scattered? Is the image symmetrical (which creates a sense of calm in the viewer) or unbalanced (which creates tension and lends energy to a composition)? And of course, the power of color to attract the eye, symbolize meaning, or create a mood is something we’ve all experienced. It comes down to this. A great image is one that communicates what you’re trying to say. With your dating profile pictures, you’re trying to say, “This is me!” So choose yours carefully to be sure you’re putting the right message out there and your best foot forward.

Online dating experts have all kinds of recommendations to guide you when it comes to choosing your profile pics. The simplest, common-sensical advice? Just smile! Look directly at the camera and don’t wear sunglasses. People want to see your eyes—that’s one way we build trust with others. Use photos that say something about your life interests, whether that’s your passion for running or your golden retriever. And keep the focus on yourself by avoiding group photos on your profile.

While sorting through profile after profile to find the perfect date can take hours and sometimes even be a drag, remember that dating is supposed to be fun. Images that surprise, whether through content or style, can be especially eye-catching and smile-raising. Making someone smile is a great first step towards getting to know each other. If you find humor energizing and inspiring in a partner, go ahead a post a funny photo of yourself and see who responds! But above all, find a way to put the honest and true you out there. That’s who deserves all the love.