20 Best Eclectic Kitchen Ideas & Designs

There are numerous texture combination and color an eclectic kitchen can use. These appliances range from stainless steel, muted walls, Kitchen Island top, backsplash tiles and cabinets, among others. It all depends on your taste and preference. Eclectic kitchen owners have different ideas they desire to achieve when decorating their kitchen. All in all, eclectic kitchen should bring out a spectacular look and fun between friends and family members. Below are a few top notch kitchen ideas out there worth checking out. These kitchen ideas vary in terms of materials used, texture and color:

These are some of the top notch kitchen eclectic kitchen ideas worth checking out.

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Wood Slab Kitchen

As the name suggests, this design is made of wood. It perfectly suits people who desire to give their kitchen some natural look. The wood slab kitchen design perfectly suits home owners with a small kitchen. This eclectic kitchen idea aims at using less floor space. The wooden bar counter is brown in color, to make it look natural. Consequently, there is a small storage facility below the wooden slab where you can store your wine. There is also a one tapped sink adjacent to this design. Lastly, this design can support up to four people. It is definitely worth checking out.

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Good Lines

This design is characterized by a dark wooden floor that stretches throughout the kitchen. It is also categorized with a wooden slab that contains two colors. The top is a brown wooden countertop, whereas the woods below the countertop are somewhat black in color. Good lines eclectic kitchen decoration is well known for its brick backsplash. This is what has made a lot of home owners be attracted by this outstanding design. There are some cases where the backsplash is painted pink. Additionally, this idea entails black cabinets, spread throughout your eclectic kitchen. In conclusion, good lines decoration idea can accommodate a medium sized family.

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Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen

Does your family love dining in the kitchen? If yes, the eclectic eat-in kitchen idea is what you need. You must have a medium sized kitchen to accommodate this design. This top notch kitchen idea is categorized by utensils being hanged behind the stove. In short, it focuses on making maximum use of the available space. It is also categorized by black cabinets and a flat panel cabinet. Generally, this idea focuses on giving your family a splendid time dining and enjoying the natural scenery through the door or window.

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Small And Organized

Is your small kitchen area baring you from attaining your dream eclectic kitchen? Well, this idea is dedicated to such people. This design touches every part of the kitchen. It encourages home owners to focus on porcelain floor. The floor should give an I-shape and should be brown in color. Additionally, it is quartz countertops, shaker cabinets, a farmhouse sink, blue cabinets; an island, both white and ceramic backsplash. Lastly, white appliances are used. Home owners with small kitchen shouldn’t worry about not attaining a top notch eclectic kitchen. The small and organized kitchen idea is what you need.

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Light Brick Walls And Windows And Picnic Tables

Does a picnic table entice you? If yes, this eclectic kitchen idea is designed for you. Your kitchen should be spacious enough to fit a picnic table and at least two benches, one on each side of the table. It is also important to understand that the color of the floor, picnic table, two benches and the counter top looks almost similar. In addition to all these, there are some light brick walls that extend to some sections of the window. Lastly, there are some two lighting bulbs immediately at the top of the picnic table.

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Modern Eclectic Kitchen With Family Space

Home owners need are becoming modernized to the point an eclectic kitchen incorporates some sofas for some quality family time. The modern eclectic kitchen idea insists on proper lighting throughout the kitchen. This is one of the few highly rated kitchen ideas that home owners can adopt. It is characterized by a Shaw farm sink, honed caesarstone countertops, waterworks faucet and a ceramic tile rug. Home owners can place at least three counter tables next to the countertop. Sofas and a coffee table can also be placed a few meters from the countertop.

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Kitchen With Fireplace and Coffee Corner

As the name suggests, this eclectic kitchen idea advocates for a coffee corner and a fireplace in the kitchen. This eclectic kitchen design focuses on giving a person a comfortable and natural environment when enjoying his natural coffee. It focuses more on natural light penetrating through the windows. This is the reason open shelves are emphasized in this eclectic kitchen idea. The fireplace gives home owners warmth during the cold season or at night when they are having a quality time with a friend or a family member. In conclusion, this eclectic kitchen design is suitable for home owners with a medium sized kitchen space.

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Eye Candy Eclectic Kitchen

Are you looking for an appealing design for your eclectic kitchen? If yes, the eye candy idea is worth checking out. You need a round medium sized table in the middle of your kitchen. It should be accompanied by six chairs around the table. There is also a latten light on top of the table. Additionally, this design emphasizes on the use of closed cabinets. These cabinets are mostly built above the cooking point. They help in storage of some kitchen utensils and ingredients. Check out this top notch design.

Modest Dining And Stemware Display Pantry

Do you desire a modern eclectic kitchen that gives you a wide range of variety? This is in terms of storage and a natural look. If yes, check out the modest dining and stemware display pantry. It is characterized by a u-shaped wooden floor, white cabinets, an island, glass front cabinets, ceramic backsplash; drop in sink, marble countertops and a multicolored backsplash. You need a spacious kitchen space to achieve this space. Lastly, the modest dining and stemware display pantry emphasizes on proper lighting.

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A Treehouse-Like Kitchen

As the name suggests, this eclectic kitchen idea adopts a tree house look. Just like a tree house, it has a wooden floor. This eclectic kitchen design perfectly suits home owners with limited space. That’s not all; this kitchen idea emphasizes on open shelves for storing different things. They range from kitchen utensils and ingredients, among others. The tree house-like kitchen idea also encourages home owners to focus on tile countertops. Open shelves enable home owners to use as much natural light as possible. You need to contact a professional remodeling expert to achieve this eclectic kitchen setting.

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Eclectic Mix With Rustic Country Style

This top notch design contains a blend of wood species and different finishes. All these blends bring out an appetizing and appealing view. Home owners need a spacious kitchen room to be eligible for this design. There is a countertop on the middle of the kitchen accompanied by a couple of counter seats. This eclectic mix with Rustic country style is also linked with apothecary drawers, a countertop, brown closed cabinets and proper lighting. This is a top notch architectural design that requires the intervention of an experienced designer. Home owners should consider this splendid eclectic kitchen design.

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Small Eclectic Single-Wall Kitchen

Does your kitchen have one single wall? If yes, you should consider this kitchen idea. It is mostly categorized by a white backsplash, wooden cabinets, a drop in sink, stainless steel appliances and recessed panel cabinets. The tiles on the single wall of the kitchen are mostly white in color. In addition to all these, the small eclectic single wall kitchen encourages the use of open shelves to store small kitchen utensils. It also encourages hanging pots to maximize use of available space. Consider this design and attain a splendid eclectic kitchen.

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Vintage Style Eclectic

As the name suggests, this eclectic kitchen idea aims to achieve a vintage look. The vintage style eclectic kitchen design is characterized by a vintage lighting that is located immediately on top of the table. Additionally, this idea encourages home owners to install open shelves. Open shelves serve a safe storage facility for kitchen utensils. It also makes it easy for home owners to acquire the needed utensils. There is a table and a couple of chairs immediately after the cooking point. This setting enables family members to have a quality time when enjoying their meals.

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Minimalist Kitchen

This is top notch open concept kitchen idea that focuses on giving home owner an exclusive kitchen. It is characterized by a brown floor spread throughout the kitchen. Additionally, there are some wooden countertops that are brown in color. The brown color gives out a spectacular look, bearing in mind that the floor is also brown. Moving on, a couple of stainless steel appliances are also used when designing this top notch kitchen design. An island, black backsplash beige and flat panel cabinets are also used in this spectacular eclectic kitchen idea. Home owners should have a look at this decoration idea.

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A Rustic and Artsy Kitchen

This is a unique eclectic kitchen idea as it is a blend or art and architectural design. Most part of the kitchen is painted white. This design is characterized by a brown floor. Additionally, there is a white countertop that stretches across most part of the kitchen. That’s not all; this kitchen eclectic kitchen idea is also characterized by a large bench that stretches across half of the countertop. Thereafter, long counter seats are also set. Home owners are encouraged to pin a few art pictures on one side of the wall.

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Vintage Style

This vintage style eclectic kitchen setting encourages home owners to focus on proper vintage lighting before commencing the rest of the designing process. Vintage style kitchen idea focuses more on a tone wood floor. Additionally, home owners are encouraged to focus on medium tone wood and flat panel cabinets. That’s not all; an island, stainless steel appliances and a white backsplash is also used. A small sized vintage designed table and two stool shaped seats are also placed immediately after the cooking region. Home owners with medium sized kitchen are the best candidates for this eclectic kitchen idea.

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Kitchen As Activity Room

Some people love spending a lot of time in the kitchen. As the name suggests, this eclectic kitchen idea focuses on increasing the activities being handled by home owners in their kitchen. Flat-panel cabinets are encouraged to pave way for a chalk board or a magnet area. There is a counter top accompanied by a few seats that allows family members to dine before using the chalk or the magnetic board. In conclusion, this eclectic kitchen design requires a big kitchen space to give a splendid look.

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All White

As the name suggests, this eclectic kitchen idea aims at bringing out an all white look. This is an open concept design characterized by a drop in sink, white cabinets, porcelain backsplash, flat panel cabinets, steel countertops and stainless steel appliances. The steel countertop is attached to the wall. It is painted white. At least two chairs can be place below the countertop. Additionally, open shelves are encouraged in this top notch eclectic kitchen idea. Home owners should thoroughly consider this idea if they would like their kitchen to acquire an all white look.

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Eye Catching

Kitchen is a special place in every homestead in that family members spend a significant amount of time here. The creation of this eclectic kitchen idea requires a rectangular table and around five movable chairs. These movable chairs are red in color. In addition to all these, there is a cushion seat on the side of the wall that a family can seat on when dining. This cushion seat is linked to a cabinet wall used for storing utensils and other important kitchen appliances.

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Exposed Walls

Numerous eclectic kitchen designs encourage home owners to furbish their walls. Well, this idea is quite the opposite. It encourages home owners not to add anything on their walls. The exposed wall design also encourages the use of an island, brown wooden floor, brick backsplash and black cabinets. This is a very complicated eclectic kitchen design. Therefore, it requires an experienced remodeler.

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