9 Gorgeous Wedding Photo Booth Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

Each year, about 2 million people get married.

If you’re thinking about tying the knot soon, you may be trying to come up with some wedding photo booth ideas to keep your guests entertained at your reception.

Thanks to Pinterest and this article, we have all kinds of great photo booth ideas to leave you and your guests with memories that they can cherish forever.

1. Neon Lights

Neon lights make for great, unique wedding photos. To make this, you’ll just need a plain bed sheet and rows of neon light tubes.

To make your pictures stand out, even more, you should try and get tubes that are all different colors. Depending on how many tubes you get, you could even spell out some things in the background. You could also use the tubes to add some fun colors to your photos!

There are many companies that you can purchase neon signs from, and some of them will even make custom ones make it easier for you!

2. Faux Framed Wall

With a faux framed wall, you’ll leave the inspiration and creativity up to each wedding guest that comes to the photo booth to take a picture. It will leave the wall open to interpretation, but this can be a great option to make the framed wall the same theme as your wedding.

If you want to make the pictures even sillier, you can get a wall with framed holes that each guest can stick their head into to complete some painted-out scene on the wall.

3. Chalkboard Backdrop

A chalkboard backdrop is a great cost-effective backdrop idea. However, it can also be a great way to add a little bit of personalization to your wedding decor. If you are artistic, you can make little doodles or leave notes on the chalkboard for yourself. If not, you can always hire someone else to do it for you!

All you need is to get a giant chalkboard and some chalk. The chalkboard will help add texture for a backdrop, and you can even have guests leave personalized messages that will be captured forever in your photos.

4. Polaroid Frames

If you don’t have a vintage Polaroid camera on hand, you could make your own giant Polaroid frame. This way, people can hold them up to capture a digital photo!

You won’t have to do much to make this frame. All you need is to create a large, white frame that might have the date and wedding on the bottom.

With this portable Polaroid frame, guests can take it all over the wedding reception and won’t be confined to taking pictures in one area.

5. Retro Van

This might be better for bohemian-themed weddings, but if you have an old, retro van, it’s very easy to turn it into a photo booth for the day.

You can park it where you need to. Then, put the camera in the passenger seat. You can also get a cheap couch that will fit in the van so that guests can sit on it to pose for their photos.

This is a great option if you don’t feel like you have anywhere interesting for your guests to pose and take photos. It will also be a safe place to store all of your photography backdrops and equipment.

If you still need other photo booth ideas, click here to discover more!

6. Props

You could incorporate props like speech bubbles, still images, hats, glasses, or any other hilarious things.

If you want to give your guests a little more customization, you could cut out blank speech bubbles and let guests write their own personal messages on them.

7. Kaleidoscope

Another of the great wedding photo booth decor ideas includes using a kaleidoscope effect. You can either have your wedding photographer do this digitally during the editing stage, but this might cost you more money.

Instead, you can try using physical mirrors that you put in front of the photo booth. By setting up the camera at the right angle, you’ll be able to create an effect like you’re looking into a kaleidoscope.

8. Infinity Mirrors

If you want to play around with mirrors more, you can also set it up to be like an infinity mirror. All you’ll need to do is set up the mirrors at the right angle and also use some lights to refract and bounce the light off of each other.

While it may look like your guests are in a large space that goes on for forever, you only really need a small space to do this. If you have an extra small room at your reception hall, this would be the best photo booth idea to use!

9. Green Grass Wall

Another of the wedding flower wall backdrop ideas includes having a green, grassy wall, flowers. This backdrop is becoming popular with Instagram influencers, and many people will find it classy at your wedding.

It’s so popular that some venues even come with it! If you want to make the grass wall even fancier, you can decorate it with colorful florals or lettering.

Discover More Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

These are only a few of the best wedding photo booth ideas, but there are many more out there!

We know that planning your wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, but thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help you!

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How to Wear a Suit: A Complete Guide

There are many situations where you may need a suit, but how can you wear one? This complete guide explains how to wear a suit.

When it’s time to suit up, you want to look your best. But do you know how to wear a suit — and wear it well? When you understand sizing and accessorizing, you can look dapper for your next event.

Read on to find the complete guide on how to wear a suit!

Understand How a Suit Should Fit

When you try on a suit, pay attention to the fit in the shoulders, sleeves, and torso. You don’t want to see fabric puckering at the shoulders, for instance. And you’ll look boxy if shoulder seams extend past your shoulders.

The average male is 5’9″ tall. If you’re shorter than that, you want to choose a suit jacket that is on the shorter side, too. This means that your suit shouldn’t drop beneath your crotch — or else you’ll look shorter!

On the other hand, if you’re taller, you can afford to go with a longer suit jacket. And that includes the trousers, too. You want your trousers to break when they hit your shoes.

Avoid trousers that are too short since they will shorten your legs. Likewise, avoid sleeves that reveal too much of the button-down shirt beneath your jacket. Whether you go with a double-breasted or three-piece suit, make sure it fits your body properly!

Learn How to Measure Suit Size

Getting a suit fitting is critical because it ensures a flattering appearance. A suit that bunches up around the buttons or armholes could indicate a suit that’s too tight. And a suit that’s too loose will look unprofessional and sloppy.

Measure your neck, waistline, and chest. Additionally, you’ll need to know the numbers on your back and sleeve length. Finally, be sure to measure the inside of your leg length so your pants fit well.

When you’re shopping and checking suit sizes, you may see a number like 38R. This means that the suit fits a chest measurement of 38 inches. And the suit jacket’s length is regular.

Beyond mere numbers, there are a few rules to keep in mind, too. For starters, avoid suits that are boxy in the torso. A good tailor can trim the cut so there is a flattering gap between your arms and torso.

You also want to make sure that your shirt collar fits snugly within the suit jacket collar. If it doesn’t, your jacket may be too big in the collar and chest area.

It pays to have a tailor adjust the fit of a suit you buy off the rack. Just remember that when it comes to suit fitting, it’s easier to chop off fabric than it is to add it.

Choose the Right Color

How do you choose the style and color of your suit? Some of this will depend on where you’re wearing it. And some of this boils down to personal preference.

For a more dramatic and polished look, choose a suit color that contrasts against your skin color. But stay away from a black suit if you have very fair skin since you may look washed out. Similarly, people with darker skin tones may lose out on contrast if they opt for a black suit.

Gray suits can strike a good middle ground — and they look good on just about everyone. Choose a deeper gray if you are paler, and a lighter gray if you have a darker complexion.

Other neutral tones like brown, burgundy, and navy can look crisp and professional. Test out some shirts, shoes, and ties to assemble the right look for your needs. Keep colors monochrome and simple for fancier events.

If you’re feeling bold, you can find suits in anything from pastels to bright primary colors. Pair a suit with a metallic shirt or some crazy socks to make a bold fashion statement. And regardless of suit color, make sure that you never button the bottom button on your suit!

Discover How to Wear a Suit with the Right Accessories

While the jacket and trousers are a vital part of your ensemble, accessories make the suit! From designer glasses to lapel pins, you can add detailed touches that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Add a watch for a touch of elegance. A leather band can warm up a suit, while a gold band will suggest wealth and call attention to itself. Cufflinks and tie clips can serve a similar purpose.

Why not add a lapel pin or pocket square for another touch of personal style? A lapel pin can introduce patterned fabric or a flower to the lapel of your suit. It should complement the colors and patterns of your tie since it will sit near it.

And a pocket square sits within your breast pocket — and it adds color, patterns, and texture. Think of it as an update on the handkerchief. Go for bold patterns if your suit is neutral, but stay with a single color if your suit is patterned.

You don’t need to stick with the traditional silk tie, either. If you know where to find a knitted tie, you can sport a unique twist on tradition that will soften your look. Reach for polka dots or retro patterns to stand out from the crowd!

Find the Perfect Suit

When you know how to wear a suit, you can dress to impress. And with the right tie, lapel, or cufflinks, you can make your suit work for any occasion. Spend some time trying on options — and find a tailor to help you make your suit fit perfectly!

For more tips to craft the perfect sense of style, check back for new and helpful articles.

What to Look for When Hiring a Remote Employee

Did you know 42 percent of Americans were working remotely in 2020? Businesses need to adapt and hire remote workers. If you want to learn what to look for in a remote employee, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find an excellent remote employee.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Look for Someone Who Is Tech-Savvy

Remote workers should have a decent understanding of digital technology. You’ll want someone who can troubleshoot their way through technical problems.

Can they pick up new technological advancements fast? Find out if the potential new hire uses your preferred tools.

Strong Communication Skills

Most remote employees won’t have the chance to meet new people at the office.

Your remote workers need to communicate well with other employees. Poor communication skills can affect the productivity of an entire team.

It’s worrisome to work with an employee who doesn’t respond to calls, chats, or emails on time. Your team will wonder what happened to the tasks that got assigned to the remote worker.

Remote workers need to understand the importance of communication. They need to update their team often about what they’re working on or finished.

You want to hire individuals who have a high level of oral and written communication skills. Otherwise, you will cost your company money and time.

During the hiring process, see if the individual is communicating well. If not, look for another candidate.

Look for an Efficient Worker

Remote workers need to be accountable and complete tasks without a supervisor nearby. Look for someone who is a self-starter. When working remotely, team members don’t have others nearby to stay motivated.

Team members need to work toward specific goals after given set guidelines. Look for someone who can plan their section of the job and finish the task.

You want to hire an individual who will get up every day, remain productive, and finish their daily tasks.

Try to find individuals who already have experience working remotely. This way, you’ll have a new worker who already knows how to work at home.

New hires might tell you in the interview that they’re comfortable working at home. Yet, after they start, they might discover it’s too challenging to stay motivated. Some individuals need to be in an office environment.

Can They Work Independently?

Don’t hire someone based on their phone interview or resume. Instead, ask them to complete a test project.

While the individual works on the project, notice if they’re self-sufficient.
Did they return with lots of questions? You want your new employee to work and research things on their own.

Positive Attitude

A company might have a great culture in the office. Yet, it’s challenging to make sure your remote team experiences this culture. Look for people who can stay positive.

It’s difficult when collaborating with an employee who isn’t in the same physical space. Yet, someone with a negative attitude can still impact the morale of your entire remote team.

With career test, you can find positive people who can handle stressful situations and work well with others.

Look for Someone Who Wants to Grow Your Business

Look to hire someone who has both the skills and a strong motivation to boost your company. Look for candidates who believe in their work and want to help make your company succeed.

Read more about how to hire remote employees.

Ability to Stay Focused

In a traditional workplace, people tend to focus on their work without a ton of distractions. Successful remote workers need to avoid distractions at home. It’s easy to turn on the television in the background.

During the interview, ask the potential new hire if they have a home office. If not, find out if there’s a coffee shop nearby where they can work. Otherwise, ask them how they will try and stay focused.

What About Time Management?

One main perk of working from home is that remote employees can set their own hours. When hiring someone new, you’ll want to find an individual who can manage their time well.

You want a new hire to be available to collaborate with other members of the team.

When you connect with the candidate, ask them when they work best. Find out if they can become available at specific times for team meetings.

Accountability Is Essential

When a project doesn’t get passed in by the deadline, the company could lose money because of the delay.

Remote workers need to be trustworthy and reliable. You want to find someone who will work hard with the team and finish things on time.

Find Out Why the Individual Wants to Work Remotely

You’ll want to learn why the potential new hire is looking for a remote position. Some employees might think telecommuting is an easy way to do a job.

Find out if they are looking for specific benefits. Do they want to avoid commuting or need more work flexibility? Some people with children seek remote positions.

You want an individual who’s committed to your company. During the interview, ask them how they hope to contribute to your business as a whole.

Now You Know How to Find a Top Remote Employee

We hope this guide on remote employees was helpful. When interviewing for a remote employee position, look for a good communicator.

Look for someone who has a positive attitude and is technically competent.

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3 Pleasant Ways to Help Customers Get a Better Experience

Are you trying to improve your customer satisfaction this year? Improving your customer experience can work to boost your customer loyalty so that you can grow your profits. 

To learn some of the best ways that you can help customers so that they have a more personalized experience with your brand, keep reading. Customer satisfaction has a huge impact on your business. Make sure you’re doing all you can with these tips and tricks. 

1. Create a Personalized Experience

When you create a more personalized experience for your customers, you’re creating a more memorable one. This makes for a more unique experience that gets people to trust your brand and make continual purchases with you. Customers want to feel that your brand actually cares about them more than just caring about their dollars. 

The first step to creating a unique customer experience is to personalize your communication with them by addressing them by name. Whether you’re communicating with customers in person, over the phone, or via email, using their name is a more humanized and friendly approach. This makes the customer and business interaction one that doesn’t feel so forced. 

When emailing clients, using their name will assure that you have a much higher click-in rate than messages without it. You should also use a familiar, friendly, and informal tone when writing to customers, even if you are marketing to them. Traditional sales language is much less inviting than a humanized tone and voice.

Additionally, you should work to give clients some personal old-fashion contact to show how much you appreciate them. This is especially true in today’s age where so much communication between customers and brands is automated. For example, a thank you note to clients shows that you value them and view them as people, not just a profit. 

2. Create a Customer Loyalty Program

A great way to take customer personalization a step further while also rewarding the customers who spend the most time and money with your company is to set up a customer loyalty or customer rewards program. This is also a great way to encourage more consistent sales from your customer base. Plus, creating a customer loyalty program allows you to collect the relevant customer data you need to keep in contact with them and market to them. 

Based on the structure of your company, there are a few ways you can reward customers for continual purchases. A simple punch card method may work, but automating this process with the right tool or software makes tracking this data even easier. You can create a point system that gives customers certain discounts or a free gift for spending a certain amount with you over time. 

A referral program is another great way to use your current customer base as a marketing tool. You can reward current customers for referring their friends and family to your company, allowing you to grow your customer base with quality new leads. 

3. Provide Quick and Convenient Customer Service

Obviously, great customer service is everything. However, in today’s fast-paced society, customers want assistance as quickly and conveniently as possible. If a customer has a question or concern about your product or service, they’ll expect a quick solution. 

Customers want to feel that you value their time so you need to make it easy for them to get into contact with you. Offering an omnichannel support experience can make sure that you are there to help customers on every channel they are present. This means that staff should be trained on how to offer the best support and that you offer support over social media, email, phone, and live chat. 

This makes sure that your customers have a seamless experience no matter what channel they’re using. Making it as easy as possible for customers to contact you will improve their perception of you, boosting customer loyalty. If you offer live chat or phone support, make sure you list your customer service hours on your site so that customers know when you are available. 

Social media is also a space that you should work to engage with customers answering their questions, comments, and concerns. You should do so in both the comments section and direct messaging. Obviously, you are not always around to help customers, so making sure that they have an option to help themselves can also be fruitful. 

For example, creating a FAQ section on your site, or offering free customer guides and manuals is a great way to solve your customer’s issues without needing to help them directly. Create a section of your site that offers step-by-step guides and tutorials that customers can refer to for assistance at any time. You should always ask for customer feedback, but asking for feedback on your customer service satisfaction is a great way to improve your practices. 

Help Customers to Improve Overall Satisfaction

Your customer’s loyalty to your brand is everything. In order to get a loyal customer base, you need to make sure you help customers with great customer service, a personalized experience, and other special perks. You want to make sure your customers feel like they are much more to your brand than just money in your pocket – they want you to treat them like real people that your company values. 

Offer a unique customer experience with the above tips and tricks. For related advice, head to the “Business” section of our site today. 

5 Best Australian TV Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix

G’day, mate! Are you looking for some Aussie flavor on the shows you binge-watch?

There are tons of great Australian television shows you can watch on streaming platforms. But, there are so many shows out there; it can be hard to decide what to watch. How do you know where to start?

Check out the best Australian TV shows you can check out on Netflix.

1. Wentworth

If you love Orange Is The New Black, you need to check out Wentworth. Wentworth is a remake of Prisoner, a 1980s prison drama. Wentworth is an ensemble drama about women’s prisons. If you love queer content, this is certainly a show for you to check out. 

Wentworth features pathos, drama, comedy, and so much more. It can be dark and violent, so it’s probably not a good show to watch with children. But if you want something with a lot of episodes, Wentworth should be definitely high on your list of what to watch in 2021.

Since the show is an ensemble, characters filter in and out. Actors who have previously been on the show include Nicole Da Silva, Danielle Cormack, Shareena Clanton, Tammy MacIntosh, and many others. Current actors featured on the show include Kate Atkinson, Rarriwuy Hick, Leah Purcell, and Susie Porter, among others. 

The eighth and final season of Wentworth is set to come out in 2021, so what are you waiting for? Get caught up ASAP.

2. Sisters

While Sisters is just one season, it packs a punch. Sisters tells the story of Julia Bechly, who finds out that her doctor father, who is about to die, fertilized thousands of women with his own sperm.

She meets and bonds with two of the children (the only two sisters) resulting from the insemination. One of the sisters is Roxy Karibas, an actor struggling with substance issues, played by Lucy Durack. The other is Edie Flanagan, a lawyer struggling with her marriage and sexuality, played by Antonia Prebble.

An American reboot of this show, called Almost Family and starring Brittany Snow, was recently attempted, but it doesn’t quite live up to the original. So, you’ll probably want to stick with the Australian version of the story.

3. Please Like Me

If you’re looking for a comedy, you’ll definitely want to check out Please Like Me. Written and starring Josh Thomas, this show explores the realness of life with a great deal of humor. The show features dark topics such as suicide, coming out, mental health issues, relationships, pregnancy, and so much more.

One of the stars of the show is the incredible comedian Hannah Gadsby. Some of the other amazing cast members include Caitlin Stasey, Debra Lawrence, Renee Lim, Emily Barclay, and many others. There are four seasons of the show for you to enjoy.

For those who are having trouble accessing Australian television in the first place, read this article for all the help you need. You’ll want to make sure you have the opportunity to watch Please Like Me, one of the top Australian Netflix shows.

4. Offspring

Offspring is one of the most creative shows in the history of Australian television. This show incorporates lots of different aspects in one package, including different fantasy sequences and even animation.

The show actually spun off from a television movie, also called Offspring. Seven seasons of the show have aired, although there are no current plans for a season 8.

The main character of Offspring is Nina Proudman, a doctor. Nina Proudman is played by Asher Keddie. Other actors featured on the show are Linda Cropper, Alicia Gardiner, Matthew Le Nevez, Deborah Mailman, and Kat Stewart.

Offspring also inspired a web series spin-off, called Offspring: The Nurses. This spinoff highlights various nurses that appear on the show.

5. Stateless

For a show with a deeper meaning, you should make sure that you check out Stateless.

The show is partially based on the story of Cornelia Rau, a citizen of Australia living with mental health issues who was unlawfully held in prison because she was thought to be in violation of immigration laws. Stateless centers on four people who are struggling with immigration issues in Australia.

Stateless stars Yvonne Strahovski, who North American audiences will know from Chuck and The Handmaid’s Tale, Dominic West, Fayssal Bazzi, and the incomparable Oscar winner Cate Blanchett.

Stateless is a six-part miniseries, so if you don’t have much time to commit to a television show, it could be a great choice for you. The show explores real issues in the world today, so it’s also a great choice if you’re looking to learn more about current events.

Watch More Australian Netflix Shows

Have you seen all these shows? Well, never fear. There are tons of other Australian television shows on Netflix. Here are just a sampling of shows you might want to check out:

  • Kath & Kim
  • Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun 
  • Secret City
  • Tidelands
  • Glitch
  • Instant Hotel
  • Bad Mothers
  • Why Are You Like This?
  • The Letdown

This is just a sampling of amazing Australian shows available to you. If you’ve seen everything on Netflix, you should take a look at what’s available on all the other streaming platforms. That way, you won’t miss your next favorite Australian television show.

New shows come out all the time, too, so keep on it, and something you’ll love will definitely come out soon. That’s particularly true when it comes to reality shows, one of the most popular genres in Australia.

Binge The Best Australian TV Shows on Netflix Today

What are you waiting for? Start watching the best Australian TV shows you can find on Netflix. You’ll learn more about Australian culture while you take in this amazing content.

Are you looking for more pop culture content? Make sure you check out some of the other posts on this site today.