4 Ways Traveling Can Help You in Learning More About Your Partner

It’s said you can never truly know and understand someone until you both spent some quality time together. One way to do that is to travel together. That way, you get to see their best and worst characters, strong and weak behaviors. Again, you get to know what aspects of life and traveling they are good with. Is it the planning and executing part? Or the idling and lavish-spending part?

Everyone has a part that is their stronghold and can’t be confined — positive or negative, bad or good. These things cannot be merely decided in a relationship with just visits and calls. Even opinions of travelers on Collected Reviews suggest traveling as a gateway to learning more about the skills/behaviors/manners of your partner. If you have agreed, here are 4 ways traveling can help.

1. In Memories are Lessons

While traveling is all about memories, it is also all about lessons. Making memories with your partner through missed flights, bad breakfast, lost items, room and hotel choice, reading through travel companies reviews to find an ideal company, etc. — could be everything you need to better understand them. What memory does to these events is that it makes you laugh through them eventually. This is the beauty of traveling with your partner. Both memories and lessons are shared within the best capacity of your decisions.

2. Social or Anti-social, Who Wins?

You can’t say your partner is the shy type if you have never spent some moments together. They could just be shy around you and then unleash their full social game with a traveling moment spent together. Most times, the shy partner only needs freedom and some “you-and-me” moments. More so, you would be surprised to know the partner you deem anti-social has some areas considered a social strength. If you think your partner is boring, perhaps you need a traveling time.

3. Trust With and into Each Other


You’d win some games together and would lose some. You’d make some great plans together and would feel the brunt of some bad ones. The choice, whatever form it takes, would enable trust with and into each other. You’d come to tolerate your opinions better, learning about your strength and weakness. You’d also come to know the intentions behind every activity and project — if they are good or bad, manipulating or not. Most importantly, you’d come to know if your partner is someone you can trust.

4. Different Ideas and Opinions

You are humans first before feelings and affection got into the mix. Your traveling moment is sure to witness varying ideas and opinions. You might want to go to Location A and your partner might just consider Location B ideal. You’d also find out you have different opinions about hygiene, tolerance, and certain aspects of life.


Traveling together and making some bad and wrong decisions together, bearing the consequences is a great investment in trust and a long-standing relationship. If you are looking at keeping your partner forever, then you have your answer to that.

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