Lets Visit ”The City of Goodwill”, Seattle

Seattle is about 100 miles south of the Canadian border on the West Coast of the United States. It is a lush, evergreen city lying between Puget Sound and Lake Washington with abundant parklands, and surrounded by towering mountains and forests.

Widely known for its overcast weather, when the sun does come out, the spectacular beauty of the waterways, forests and distant mountains combine to make Seattle one of the most stunning cities in the US.

Classic architecture, leafy public squares, and wide breezy streets make exploring Downtown Seattle a fun experience. For great views of the city visit the observation deck on the 35th floor of Smith Tower, or see some of Seattle’s oldest buildings in nearby Pioneer Square.

Wherever you go in Seattle you’re never far from the water. Puget Sound is to the west, Lake Washington is to the east, and to the north is Lake Union, whose eye-catching floating homes were made famous in the movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’

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A City That Changed From ‘Rule Britannia’ to ‘Cool Britannia’ London

London is situated in the South-East of England in the Thames Valley. Home to over 8 million people, the capital of the UK has been an important financial, educational and cultural center for hundreds of years.

Of the many gifts England has given to the world, none has been greater than her language and literature. And if ever there’s a city that reads like an epic saga, it’s London.

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Rejoice in the Bay of the Beautiful Cities of San Francisco

San Francisco is a spectacular, fun city on the central coast of California about 350 miles from Los Angeles. It’s bursting with a youthful energy that will guarantee you have an amazing and unforgettable adventure.

On the northern end of the San Francisco peninsula, the city invites you to explore hip neighborhoods, elegant buildings, beautiful parks, and gardens, and enjoy a liberal, relaxed atmosphere. And there’s no end of things to see.

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Top 9 Place You Must Visit in Los Cabos

Los Cabos has situated just a two-hour flight from Los Angeles, at the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The region is made up of two towns, Cabo San Lucas, and San José del Cabo.

A region of great natural mystery, Los Cabos lines the coast where the Sea of Cortez converges with the deep blue Pacific. It’s a place where desert dust mingles with briny breezes to create a special kind of magic that lures travelers with year-round sunshine, cool waters, and captivating views.

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12 Best Places for Tourists in Helsinki

Finland’s thriving waterfront capital, Helsinki, is situated at the northeastern edge of the Baltic Sea. Nestled snugly between Sweden and Russia, the city overlooks more than 300 islands in the waters of the archipelago. Known as The White City of the North for its traditional use of light granite, the city is a seamless blend of traditional and modern design. There is no better way to start delving into the culture of this city, than by starting at a landmark which epitomizes the style and sophistication of Finnish design.

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A City Stepping Into a Bright, New Future Nagasaki

The thriving city of Nagasaki is cradled in the lush western mountains of Japan’s Kyushu Island. An 8-hour bullet train from Tokyo, this charmingly diverse city lies on the edge of a scenic channel of the Sumo-nada Sea.

In a nation isolated from the outside world for generations, Nagasaki was a gateway, through which knowledge and resources flowed to and from the rest of the globe. This historic harbor city is now a dynamic fusion of Japanese sophistication, which co-exists and harmonizes with elements of overseas cultures and faiths.

Too much of the world, the name Nagasaki is bound to one of the most devastating events in modern history. At 11:02 am on August 9th, 1945, World War Two’s second atomic bomb, “Fat Man,” was detonated over the city. Tens of thousands perished, and most of the northern valley was reduced to rubble and ash. Continue reading “A City Stepping Into a Bright, New Future Nagasaki”

Los Angeles Travel Guide: 18 Top-Rated Tourist Attraction

Los Angeles is situated in Southern California, on the West Coast of the USA. Home to 18 million people, Los Angeles is a collection of distinct cities that rolls out from the dry Santa Monica Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

L.A.’s sunshine, her entertainment industry and her openness to newcomers and new ideas have made the city a magnet to dreamers. Many of those whose dreams become reality, like Walt Disney and John Paul Getty, poured their wealth back into the city, helping make L.A. one of the great culture capitals of the world. Continue reading “Los Angeles Travel Guide: 18 Top-Rated Tourist Attraction”

Visit Yellowstone National Park For Other-Worldly Experience On Earth

Yellowstone National Park stretches across the secluded north-west corner of Wyoming, reaching into Idaho and Montana. Founded in 1872, Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and now hosts over 4 million adventurers each year.

A 12-hour drive from Seattle or a five-hour drive from Salt Lake City, there’s no doubt that it’s a trek to get here, but the moment you step foot in this vast park, you’ll know it was worth every mile.

Yellowstone is the very best of North American wilderness, wrapped up into a 2-million-acre gift for nature lovers.

Yellowstone is proudly managed by the National Park Service and its highlights are easily accessible by the loop road which can be reached from each of the park’s five entrances.

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Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Khumbi Yui Lha

Mount Everest has captivated intrepid men and women since the 1920s. The exploits of legends such as George Mallory, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay put the mighty mountain on the map; thousands have followed, making huge sacrifices – many with their lives – in their own attempts to the summit.

But today, the trek to Everest Base Camp has become an achievable goal for people from all walks of life who want a glimpse of the world’s highest peak. In 2012, between 35,000 and 37,000 people trekked in the Everest region.

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