Dating Then and Now: What’s Changed?

The standard dating rules are changing from one generation to the next. Before the 19th century, most unions were facilitated by parents. They would arrange for a male suitor to have a supervised visit in the woman’s home. Any young man and woman could not speak to each other unless they were formally introduced. That practice seems silly now. Hundreds of questions surround the pivotal event: How do you secure a date right then? Our current generation we are dating, has a massive difference from the earlier days. You can also check out on how dating is different now, such as this article about new dating terms. The ultimate and obvious goal of dating is marriage.


Before then, parents would arrange and visit a woman’s place or a man’s place to supervise dating. These days, technology has played a vital role in dating. Adopting technology has changed how we connect and converse with others in our society, and dating is no exception. The predominance of a smartphone means he/she is always contactable. Social media have laid down a place others to get to know us before we have ever met. Dating apps give us enough choice in a suitable partner or partner.

Your attitude to differences

During earlier days you look for mutual. You may not have to look twice at someone because, for instance, he/she didn’t love the same music as you do. Nowadays experience has taught many to acknowledge their deal-breakers – and accept the rest. You can look for any perfect merge of your choice; you can date somebody with different hobbies, values, beliefs as per your choice. 

Your values

In the past, looks and status were crucial; it was a must to be part of it; how does his behavior fit your values? Dating could begin only if your values are got to you. But nowadays, body language and behavior matter more. Information that we pass out to one another nonverbally, through our body language is an essential aspect of dating and relating. 

Your sexual history

Earlier, partners didn’t have many sexual partners; once you date a specific person, you could not have sex with another person. Now when you feel comfortable becoming intimate with your date, you can have much sex as many times as you want.

The Rise of Advertising

Way, way back in frontier days, men advertised in newspapers for a bride. Women made the trips with the expectation that they would marry and be happy. However, there was no evidence about whether or not a particular married couple were pleased. These days dating apps have been introduced; all you need was to check out the best partner, communicate, get to know each other, and life goes on. 

Online dating paves the way for ‘catfishing.’

With the rise of a new model of dating comes the rise of new potential problems. As online dating scale-up throughout the early aught, catfishing has proven to be one of the biggest concerns that come with online dating. The nature of the internet and dating from behind a screen leaves plenty of room for secrecy and deception.