Formal Invitations for any Occasion

Getting an invitation to a formal event used to be difficult. Finding a good stationery shop was a challenge. Ordering invitations was expensive and the invitations were pretty much fixed in terms of design.

The Formal Invitations web app makes it easy to get a great-looking invitation for any single or multi-day event. You can even order invitations with your own photos, choose from a wide range of card types, sizes and colors – even add a shimmery finish.

Make your next formal event special with a beautifully designed invitation from Formal Invitations.

Your mom sends you a form invite on Facebook to her birthday party. You want to say yes and be supportive, but you feel trapped by the expectation that you will use Facebook to RSVP.

Your mom doesn’t understand your generation any more than you understand hers. She thinks one reply per person is enough, when in fact you have 20 friends you would like to bring and need to respond separately to 20 different questionnaires.

Formal Invitations understands your pain. But they are an outsider too because they know how to fix this problem. They have created a simple way for you to share your event details with all your friends at once and check off their replies in one place, not 20.

If you are looking for formal invitations for any event, you would be right to get overwhelmed. There are so many things to think about; invitations, place cards, thank you cards, wedding save the date cards, and even playing cards.

I know because I was looking for formal invitations a few months ago and I had no idea where to start. Our Studios has everything you need to throw the most gorgeous, stylish and on-trend party ever. And surprise! We also have FREE shipping.

If you want to organize a formal social event for your corporate customers, you often need:

  • A number of invitations (from 100 to 1000 or more)
  • You have to print them out
  • You have to write the addresses by hand on every single invitation.

You still have to do all the work, but now you have another tool to do it with.

  • Create and send personalized, custom email invitations – all in one simple step.
  • From $1 per invitation – that’s less than a real stamp.
  • – No envelopes, no mess – everything is done online, so you don’t even have to leave home!


There’s no place for custom design for most celebrations. It’s time to celebrate your special occasion in a unique way.

Send out a formal invitation designed specifically to celebrate your accomplishment with the Formal Party Invitations. This typographic design features your name and information in your choice of more than 100 designs.

You can’t always throw a party when you achieve something major. It’s not always easy to get your friends and family together when you need them.

What if you could throw a party any time you wanted? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Save money and time by inviting guests with your own formal party invitations. Free shipping in the US.

It can be really tough to find beautiful and affordable watercolor wedding invites. Formal Invitations Are Affordable and Beautiful. At Formal Invitations, we believe in providing you with affordable invitations. Our invitations contain your personal information for you to keep for future use. 

You had an awesome party, but you forgot to send out the invitations ahead of time because you were busy.

You should have invited all your friends to celebrate with you, but they were at home… watching your Instagram story.

Formal Invitations is the easiest way to add a bit of creativity to your invitation and make sure that everyone hears about your next big event.


You plan the most amazing day of your life, but many aspects of the wedding are hard to manage remotely. There are numerous interactions with vendors, multiple planning meetings, and coordinating people to set up and do things on the day of the wedding.

Everyone who is invited has to print, fill out, and mail a form letter, RSVP card and return envelope. The bride and groom have to keep track of and organize the RSVPs. 

We save you time. Our system automatically notifies and tracks RSVPs. Or if you prefer, allow guests to RSVP through the web.

The cost of a wedding invitation is crazy. Don’t pay $20 plus at the stationary store. Make your own custom wedding invitation.

Print your own wedding invitations with The Formal Invitations. A wedding invitation featuring a panel with the bride and groom’s names and a border. Don’t pay $20 plus at the stationary store. Print your own wedding invitations with The Formal Invitations.

Unfortunately, you usually have to pay a lot for wedding invitations. And you have to wait several weeks or even months to receive them.

You know you want the most amazing formal invitations. But you also want to keep your wedding budget low.

You can stop lugging around your bulky photo album by ordering your Formal Photo online. Get your panel quickly and print out your border at home. What’s more – with our optional Double Panel option, you can customize your panel in a way that highlights your names and your wedding theme.

Wedding invitation templates don’t allow you to showcase the individuality of your wedding. Without reading the info, people simply glance at the design and make a judgment call on your wedding based on the aesthetic appeal.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and with mediocre templates, you are compromising its uniqueness for presentation. This can potentially reflect poorly on yourself and your partner.

Formal Invitations creates the best wedding invitation designs that are guaranteed to take your wedding to the next level. All our products will provide you with an opportunity to connect with your guests and create a lasting impression.


Baby shower invites can be boring to create. Just because they’re for a baby shower doesn’t mean they have to be childish.

Want to be creative with baby shower invites? What if you could go beyond the typical dots and swirls?

Flowing, dotted lines frame the mother-to-be’s name on the Formal Swirls Baby Shower Invitations. Personalize these invites with your event info in this design’s dignified mix of fonts and colors.

Finding affordable and beautiful invites for your baby shower is a real challenge. But you know what it’s like when you get some cheap invitations that are printed on flimsy paper. And they keep falling apart.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to get high-quality social invites that really stood out? Check out the Formal Invitation collection from our website.

Sending a baby shower to dozens of friends and family members is a big job. Use our FREE online designer to create custom invitations that look and feel great. Our free online invitation designer makes it easy and fun to get everything ready for the party.

The PAS is pretty straightforward here: what mother doesn’t want to feel important? Of course, not all mothers are! The main stressor for this segment is what to do with the mother-to-be who doesn’t want to be a big deal.

When she registers for gifts, let her know she can choose to be listed as “and guest” on the invitation. This way, the mother of the baby will get lots of love on her day and the non-mother will not have to worry about being singled out.