100 Jodi Picoult Quotes About Life And Love

Jodi Picoult is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty-five novels, including Small Great Things, Leaving Time, The Storyteller, and My Sister’s Keeper.

Jodi Picoult received a degree in creative writing from Princeton and a Master’s degree in education from Harvard. Jodi lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.

Jodi Picoult’s novels centre on family, relationships, and the balance of love. Riveting plots bring to light questions and issues that remain with a reader long after the last page is turned.

Jodi Picoult Quotes

You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.

Maybe who we are isn’t so much about what we do, but rather what we’re capable of when we least expect it.

You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, do you?

Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look.

The bottom line is that we never fall for the people we’re supposed to.

When you love someone, you say their name different. Like it’s safe inside your mouth.

It takes two people to make a lie work: the person who tells it, and the one who believes it.

Love is not a because, it’s a no matter what.

Sometimes to get what you want the most, you have to do what you want the least.

When you love someone you let them take care of you.

Something still exists as long as there’s someone around to remember it.

You can’t look back – you just have to put the past behind you, and find something better in your future.

After a certain point, a heart with so many stress fractures can never be anything but broken.

Some lessons can’t be taught, they simply have to be learned.

It doesn’t take a whole long life to realize that what we deserve to have, we rarely get.

Love meant jumping off a cliff and trusting that a certain person would be there to catch you at the bottom.

In the English language there are orphans and widows, but there is no word for the parents who lose a child.

A real friend isn’t capable of feeling sorry for you.

You couldn’t have strength without weakness, you couldn’t have light without dark, you couldn’t have love without loss

There are always sides. There is always a winner and a loser. For every person who gets, there’s someone who must give.

Sometimes you can see things happen right in front of your eyes and still jump to the wrong conclusions.

You know someone’s right for you when the things they don’t have to say are even more important than the things they do.

You can’t exist in this world without leaving a piece of yourself behind.

When we’re awake, we see what we need to see. When we’re asleep, we see what is really there.

When you begin a journey of revenge, start by digging two graves: one for your enemy, and one for yourself.

There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations.

Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.

Whether or not you believe in Fate comes down to one thing: who do you blame when something goes wrong.

Just because you keep something a secret doesn’t mean it never happened, no matter how much you want that to be true.

What was the point of being able to forgive, when deep down, you both had to admit you’d never forget?

Things had a way of working out for the best when you let them run their course.

Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get?

People ask all the time how I’m doing, but the truth is, they don’t really want to know.

Happiness is what you choose to remember.

If you didn’t remember something happening, was it because it never had happened? Or because you wished it hadn’t?

History isn’t about dates and places and wars. It’s about the people who fill the spaces between them.

The best place to cry is on a mother’s arms.

Lie to yourself until it’s true.

You might have to lose control before you could find out what you’d been missing.

What we all want, really, is to be loved. That craving drives our worst behavior.

The human capacity for burden is like bamboo- far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.

The bottom line is that we never fall for the person we’re supposed to.

If we don’t change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going.

Sometimes I think my whole life has been about holding on to you.

You can fool yourself, you know. You’d think it’s impossible, but it turns out it’s the easiest thing of all.

The only way someone can leave you is if you let them.

Inside each of us is a monster; inside each of us is a saint. The real question is which one we nurture the most, which one will smite the other.

If you spent your life concentrating on what everyone else thought of you, would you forget who you really were?

If you tell yourself you feel fine, you will.

Doing the right thing for someone else occasionally means doing something that feels wrong to you.

People changed. Even the people you thought you knew as well as you knew yourself.

When it comes to memories, the good and the bad never balance.

Love was that way. You could not render it in black or white. It always came down to the strange, blended shades of grey.

The music we listen to may not define who we are. But it’s a damn good start.

Good people are good people; religion has nothing to do with it.

Love doesn’t follow the rules… nothing is worth having so much as something unattainable.

Sometimes we find ourselves walking through life blindfolded, and we try to deny that we’re the ones who securely tied the knot.

It does’nt matter who forgives you, if you’re the one who can’t forget.

Like a missing tooth, sometimes an absence is more noticeable than a presence.

Raw love, like raw heartache, could blindside you.

Just because you didn’t put a name to something did not mean it wasn’t there.

Everyone deserves a happy ending.

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.

If you want something to be true badly enough, you can rewrite it that way, in your head. You can even start to believe it.

The saddest day in the world will be the one when she stops pretending.

Beliefs are the roads we take to our dreams. Believe you can do something-or believe you can’t-and you’ll be right everytime.

To be truly popular, it has to look like something you are, when in reality, it’s what you make yourself.

There’s a lot of things you can’t see if you aren’t’ looking.

Parents aren’t the people you come from. They’re the people you want to be, when you grow up.

Life isn’t nearly as stable as we want it to be.

You know what the difference is between a dream and a goal?… A plan.

It’s crazy, right? To love someone who’s hurt you? It’s even crazier to think that someone who hurts you loves you.

The best relationships were the ones where both sides went out of their way to make sure the other wasn’t disappointed.

Sometimes the key to happiness is just expecting a little bit less

Home is not a place, but rather, the people you love.

You can’t undo something that’s happened; you can’t take back a word that’s already been said out loud.

The desperate usually succeed because they have nothing to lose.

What is right, in the end, is not always what it seems to be, and some rules are better broken.

Add love, and all the lines between right and wrong were bound to disappear.

Even the most beautiful things can be toxic.

A fire can’t burn forever. Eventually, it consumes itself.

Loneliness is a mirror, and recognizes itself.

No matter who you are, there is some part of you that always wishes you were someone else.

Love has nothing to do with what you’re looking at and everything to do with who’s looking.

You live and let live, eventually that becomes enough.

You can’t blame someone if they honestly don’t understand that their reality isn’t the same as yours.

It takes two people to make a friendship work.

You always knew after shitty things happened, who your friends really were.

Risk always looks different when you’re beating the system than when you’ve been beaten.

Pride is an evil dragon; it sleeps underneath your heart and then roars when you need silence.

Your hand fits mine like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

There were some people who hit your life so hard, they left a stain on your future.

A wish is just words. Belief is the catalyst. It’s what sets that wish into motion.

Sometimes knowing what’s right isn’t a rational decision, or even what works on paper. Sometimes leaving is the best course of action after all.