World’s Best Destinations To Admire Northern Lights With Pleasure

Are you obsessed with the Northern light? If yes, you are at the right place. We are going to help you identify the best places across the globe for viewing the Northern light. The below list has been compiled after thorough research and consultation. Below is the list:

Alaska, United States of America

Alaska in the United States of America is one of the perfects spots for viewing this special light. Scientific and physical evidence have proven that a zone in Alaska guarantees a perfect view of the Northern lights and stars. This means you will have a clear view of this magnificent light display when compared to those in other locations. You can consult with the University of Alaska and the weather forecast department for guidance before scheduling your trip to see the northern lights.

Denmark: Remote Norwegian Sea Islands

As we all know, the difference in attitudes and the kind of gases available give people different colors while viewing the Northern light. However, green is remains constant in all places. The Faroe Island Archipelago, a Denmark Owned province is another spectacular location people can visit to check out the unique and magnificent Northern Light. You can view the Northern light across all Islands in Archipelago.

Scotland: Aberdeen, Dunnet Head, Northern Highlands and Isle of Skye

This British Isle is known for its cloudy, foggy and stormy weather. This is considered the perfect conditions for observing the sky. Anyone who has traveled to Isle of Skye, Aberdeen, Northern Highlands and Dunnet Head has had the opportunity to check out the different green shades of the Northern light. You can contact Scotland travel Guide to assist in efficiently planning a trip to any of the above locations in Scotland.

Canada: Manitoba, Yukon Territory and Calgary Ontario

Are you still contemplating on the places to visit to have a perfect view of the Northern Light? If yes, you should consider traveling to Canada. Selected spots in Canada enable you to view both the illuminated Teepee and the Northern lights. This is the reason people are encouraged to visit the Yukon Territory, Calgary Ontario or Manitoba for a perfect view of the Northern light. Furthermore, the vast Canadian wilderness makes it easy to observe the sky without any obstructions.

Greenland: Ammassalik, Kulusuk

Greenland is a major tourist attraction for people who desire to observe the Northern light in style. The Northern light is visible throughout the year in Greenland, apart from the summer. You should consider Greenland as a perfect Northern light viewing spot because its two locations are easily accessible. These locations are kulusuk and Ammassalik. Contact Europe travel Guide tour to make your travel pocket friendly and comfortable.

Finland: Kakslauttanen, Nellim, Luosto, Ivalo and Utsjoki

Northern Finland is one of the few spots that enable a person to view both purple and green colors while observing the Northern Light. Spots such as Luosto have an Aurora alarm that beeps when the Northern Light appears. Amazing, isn’t it? The Northern light research center is the one that relays this message to your hotel. Reach out to Finland Travel Guide for a splendid time in this Northern light view spot.

Iceland: Pingvellir National park and outside Reykjavik

Generally, you can view the northern Light in the entire country. However, Pingvellir National park and outside Reykjavik are the spots for observing the Northern Light in the entire Country. Iceland is considered an ideal location for observing this magical light because of its splendid nightlife. Furthermore, the climate in this region makes it easy to notice the Northern light as soon as it pops out. Inquire more about a visit to Iceland at Iceland travel guide.

Norway: Finnmark, Tromso, Svalbard and Alta

Norway is believed to house some of the viewing spots in the world. These spots are quite high when compared to those in other places. Above all, Norway houses Planetarium, Northerly University and brewery. This is an indication that this Country is awake, thus you will know when anyone spots the Northern light. Additionally, you can hire a cruise to alert you when the Northern light appears. Consequently, you can contact Norway travel Guide to make things simpler for you.

Sweden: Swedish Lapland, Abisko and Kiruna

Ever heard about the blue holes when observing the Northern light? If yes, Sweden is one of the few spots that enable you to view the Northern light with some beautiful blue holes. Green color is the most visible when compared to other Aurora colors. You should consider viewing the Northern light from the above spots in Sweden because of the friendly climate throughout this country. Above all; Kiruna, Swedish Lapland and Abisko are easily accessible. In Fact, Sweden Travel Guide tours have simplified everything.

Russia: Kola Peninsula, Siberia and Murmansk

russia northern lights

Can you handle the freezing temperature in Russia? If yes, make a trip to Murmansk, Siberia or Kola Peninsula for a chance to view the famous Aurora Borealis of the Northern Light. Numerous people travel across the globe to Russia to have a perfect view of the Northern light. Don’t stress about reaching these spots, simply contact Europe Travel Guide for more information.