An Expert’s Guide on How to Wear Rings

Ring is a powerful statement jewellery. It is capable of transforming your overall outfit and appeal. From subtle to bold, rings have an endless assortment. It works as the best jewellery gift for girlfriend, mother, or sister.

With such a vast collection probably there is a ring for everyone. In this guide, we will help you explore ways of wearing rings according to their style, outfit and other jewellery.

How to wear rings according to their style

Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about different ring styles and right way to wear them.

  • A solitaire ring embeds a single stone in prong or bezel setting. Be it any occasion, the solitaire ring looks good, but when paired with strapless attire it looks mind-boggling.
  • A three-stone ring features a centre stone between two smaller stones. This ring is not as subtle as solitaire ring but still you can wear it with both formal and informal attires. The ring is pretty sparkly so make sure to keep your manicure neutral.
  • A Halo ring embeds a center stone in bezel setting enclosed by a layer of smaller stones. The Halo ring is a statement piece so make it a piece for formal occasions or cocktail parties.
  • A cluster ring sports a cluster of small gemstones. This clustering can be found in different ring shapes that’s why it makes a good choice for formal gatherings or night outs.
  • The stack ring is recognizable by multiple bands stacked together. You can also try stacking rings by yourself. Buy it as a single or in multiple pieces stack ring works good with contemporary outfits.
  • A cocktail is a bold statement ring therefore it is preferable for cocktail, club parties, or other formal occasions. When wearing a cocktail ring avoid adorning a bracelet.
  • If statement rings aren’t your type, go for a simple band. These bands feature a channel setting and are versatile to be worn at anytime anywhere.
  • Geometric rings are a modish addition to existing ring designs. It is good to jazz up your simple outfits.

How to wear rings with your outfits & other jewelry

Gold or gold plated rings

Gold rings pair beautifully with gold jewelry. With different gold types these rings allow you create themes. For an instance, with rose gold ring, wear a yellow gold necklace and white gold earrings. Considering outfit, gold or gold plated ring can accompany any outfit. But before you head to shop gold ring do check out the latest rate of gold.

Platinum rings

Wear Platinum rings with platinum or white gold jewelry. Platinum ring can also be worn with pearl necklace, but make sure you choose an elegant outfit with it. For an edgy look wear platinum ring with an asymmetric gown.

Brass and copper rings

Copper & brass rings sport an amazing look with yellow gold and rose gold jewelry. They are bit casual, so choose your outfit appropriately. To put your best look forward wear brass ring and thing gold bangles with a floral print summer dress.