25 Best Contemporary Kitchen Designs And Decoration Ideas

A kitchen is the heartbeat of every home. Therefore, it must be splendid, outstanding and appealing to the eye. As we all know, people have different tastes and preference. There are numerous designs and decoration ideas in the market home owners can choose for their kitchens. Finding your desired kitchen look can be a bit frustrating keeping in mind there are numerous trends to choose from. Designs and decoration ideas vary in terms of the materials used and the finishes applied on the kitchen space. A perfect contemporary design must:

  • Comfortably fit the available space
  • Blend with the general color scheme used in other parts of the house
  • Be pocket friendly

Acquiring a splendid kitchen decoration design isn’t difficult as many people think. You simply need to find a reliable source to check out latest interior designs. Below are top notch trendy ideas worth checking out for your new and classy kitchen:

Kitchen- white w/ gold and blue bottom island

Are you in love with white designs? If yes, this trend is worth checking out. It is characterized by white countertops, shaker white cabinets, a double bowl sin and a backsplash made of stone slab. This design gives home owners a multicolored backsplash that makes the kitchen look colorful. The kitchen white decoration idea will perfectly blend in with any previous house design keeping in mind it comprises of neutral colors.

Kitchen- white w/ gold and blue bottom island
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Island end cap- store wine or books

This contemporary design is custom made to suite premise owners who would like a section in their kitchen for their books or wine. The Island end cap design is characterized by an under- mount sink attached to a gray floor eat-in kitchen remodel, wood countertops, brown wooden countertops and flat panel cabinets, among others. Additionally, this kitchen design requires a person to use stainless steel appliances and a peninsula to enhance its look.

Island end cap- store wine or books
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Coffee bar

Kitchen storage space is a problem for numerous house owners, isn’t it? This trend makes maximum use of the space under the stairs. This space can be used for overflow storage or as a coffee bar. A sink and proper lighting can hype entertainment used in this location. There are numerous color scheme home owners can choose to blend in with the color scheme of the house.

Coffee bar
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Open concept kitchen

Do you have a big space and you would like to use it for your kitchen? Well, the open concept kitchen decoration idea is what you need. You simply need to own a u-shaped wooden floor, flat panel cabinets, stainless steel appliances, double bowl sink, beige backsplash and wooden cabinets. An open concept kitchen design allows home owners to comfortably dine with their loved ones in the kitchen.

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I-shaped light wood floor and beige floor kitchen idea

This is a simple modernized decoration idea requires a farmhouse sink, white countertops, white backsplash, and medium tone wood cabinets. This I-shaped light wood kitchen idea allows a family to enjoy their favorite meals from the kitchen. This idea can comfortably support more than 5 family members or friends in one sitting. Lastly, stainless steel appliances are used.

I-shaped light wood floor and beige floor kitchen idea
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Trendy kitchen pantry design

As the name suggests, pantry design has been trending globally for a while. It is trending as it makes a kitchen look classy, organized and utilizes the available space. The pantry design requires both white and shaker cabinets to be properly conjugated. Pantry decoration idea is suitable for storing utensils, cooking ingredients or even for preparing meals. This contemporary kitchen design is definitely worth checking out.

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Modern white pine kitchen

Interior design experts are shifting from the traditional practices and using hardwood to come up with top notch and quality kitchen designs. This white pine decoration idea depends on the use of pine wood and cabinets to come up with a modern beautiful kitchen. Home owners should consider this modern design as it can be customized to meet their individual needs.

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Eat-in kitchen

Kitchens are slowly being turned into dining areas. Well, you simply need two islands, light wood cabinets, marble countertops and backlash. Eat-in kitchen interior design is suitable for home owners with a spacious kitchen space. This decoration trend paves way for personalization, keeping in mind people have different taste and preference. Check out this design today and learn more about it.

Mid-sized contemporary kitchen
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Stylish Kitchen Pantry

Is space preventing you from acquiring a stylish kitchen? Well, this kitchen design is worth paying attention. You simply need a Caesarstone quartz worktop and a handless matt, among others. You no longer have to live in a disorganized kitchen. The stylish kitchen pantry trend enables you to properly store your ingredients, utensils and wine bottles, among others. Consider this stylish decoration idea and take your entire house into the next level.

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White kitchen with colored backsplash

This trend is gaining popularity everyday considering the fact that a lot of home owners love white interior decors. The white kitchen with colored backsplash requires a single bowl sink, backsplash and white cabinets. Additionally, an island and stainless steel appliances can be used. White kitchen idea perfectly suits both small and big kitchen areas. It is definitely worth checking out.

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Modish Kitchen

Numerous kitchen designs mostly use glass door cabinets. This Modish trend uses shaker cabinets above the fridge pantry area. Any modern kitchen must be spacious, have numerous storage facilities and leave enough space for comfortably walking around while cooking. Consequently, it is fitted with one bowel sink for watching utensils and washing vegetables, among others. Lastly, there are numerous color schemes to choose from.

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Dark cabinets on bottom, white on top

This is one of the most simple and straight forward interior designs in the public eye. It entails using dark cabinets at the bottom cabinets and white on the top. Anyone intending to adopt this trend should have brown countertops, white countertops; shaker cabinets, white and ceramic backsplash. White appliances and an island can also be incorporated into this design.

Visit Studio Miel Photography ©Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Pine floors with different wood tone cabinets

Are you still looking for a hardwood interior design? Look no further. The pine design entails the use of a light wood pine floor, dark wood cabinets, white backsplash and flat panel cabinets, among others. This pine decoration idea makes a kitchen appear more natural keeping in mind it uses pure wood to come up with a top notch kitchen.

Visit Angelisse Karol Color & Design Photography ©Open Homes Photography

Blue & White

As the name suggests, this kitchen design idea comprises a color mixture of both blue and white colors across the kitchen. Colorful backsplash and the blue fridge can be used in this interior decoration idea. A colorful kitchen gives the house a splendid feeling and lightens everything. Any home owner can incorporate this strategy as it can be adopted in any kitchen size.

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Marble Backsplash Kitchen

This is an open kitchen idea that focuses on enabling home owners comfortably move around when preparing meals. It is categorized with an under-mount sink, quartz countertops, cabinets and stone tile backsplash. The marble backsplash decoration idea also makes maximum use of the available space and offers a wide range of storage options for premise owners. It is definitely worth checking out.

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Use Island as a partition between the kitchen and the dining room

Is your dining room adjacent to your kitchen? If yes, you should consider using island to partition these two rooms. In addition to all this, the designers of this trend encourage the use of a concrete floor, gray backsplash, double bowl sink and stainless steel appliances. This decoration design makes the kitchen look neat, organized and spacious.

Visit sw-architects Photography ©Open David Sievers

Sleek and Simple

This is an example of a U-shaped floor kitchen design that incorporates the use of marble & white countertops, an undermount sink and Porcelain & beige backsplash, among others. The sleek and simple decoration idea has been trending for a while as it gives kitchens a splendid look that easily blends in with the current color scheme of the premise.

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Open shelves in front of windows

Do you love nature or natural light flowing inside your kitchen? Well, this trend is worth checking out. It encourages home owners to install open shelves near their windows. This kitchen design trend focuses on providing a storage facility for various food stuffs and utensils while lighting the kitchen at the same time. This is a pocket friendly design that most home owners can afford.

Visit Amy Lau Design Photography ©Open Joshua McHugh

White Kitchen With Aesthetic Light Fixtures

The white kitchen decoration idea with aesthetic light fixtures is very unique when compared to other trends. It not only aims towards providing a modern kitchen, but also focuses on efficiently lighting this room. White cabinets, an island and quartzite countertops are the commonly used materials when it comes to converting kitchens into this decoration idea. Lastly, this decoration design can be used for dining. It is recommended for houses with a spacious kitchen.

Visit NWC Construction Photography ©Ryan Gamma Photography

Trendy Living

A modern trendy kitchen is categorized by quality materials, proper lighting and a splendid color scheme. The trendy living decoration idea has been in the limelight for a while for various reasons. First, it encourages the use of neutral colors. This ranges from black handles and white backsplash, among others. Secondly, pendant lights are spread across the kitchen to offer proper lighting.

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Large White and Grey Kitchen

Some home owners hate screaming colors. This white and grey kitchen design is designed to give your house a neutral look. You simply need to purchase white cabinets, an island and stainless steel countertops. White and grey colors are known to perfectly blend in with other color schemes across the house. Moreover, home owners who adopt this decoration have wide storage spaces in the kitchen.

Large White and Grey Kitchen
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Black & Grey

Imagine having a marble backsplash, marble splashblack, grey counter, black cabinets and black bar stools in your kitchen; amazing, isn’t it? This design focuses on providing both a cooking and a dining area inside your kitchen. Consequently, the black & grey design can be custom made to give home owners their desired look. There are also shelves and cabinets where a person can store his/her utensils.

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Compact kitchen

This is a mid-sized enclosed kitchen decoration idea that comprises a double bowl sink, laminate countertops and white cabinets, among others. This enclosed compact kitchen idea aims at helping people with limited space make maximum use of the space available and make it look classy and organized. This is a unique decoration idea as it has no Island. It is definitely worth checking out.

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Contrast With Wood

As the name suggests, this interior design idea encourages home owners to consider a wooden kitchen floor, use wooden cabinets, white & ceramic backsplash and quartz countertops. This design is a straightforward and can be handled within a short period. Additionally, stainless steel appliances can be used to enhance the general look of this kitchen design. Numerous home owners are talking about or checking out this latest trend. Don’t be left out.

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Alpine white with structured oak

This is one of the highly rated concrete kitchen decoration idea categorized with an Island, wooden cabinets, a double bowl sink and a white backsplash. A significant number of wooden works are visible in this design. Premise owners should consider this kitchen decoration as it can be custom made to suit an individual’s needs. Lastly, it is recommended for people with a medium sized or large kitchen area.

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The above Kitchen ideas can be incorporated in new structures or existing structures. Simply conduct a background study and ensure the selected design fits your available kitchen area. Below are other factors worth keeping in mind before choosing any decoration idea:

  • Inquire if the building materials are readily available or not.
  • Set a budget on the amount of money you intent to use in this process. Budget is a limiting factor as it determines if you can acquire a specific interior kitchen design or not.
  • Inquire on the duration you intent to use the selected design. As we all know, there are temporary and permanent designs. Permanent designs are recommended for home owners who plan on using them for a long period.

Grab your dream kitchen today and enjoy every single minute in this special room.