What to Look for When Hiring a Remote Employee

Did you know 42 percent of Americans were working remotely in 2020? Businesses need to adapt and hire remote workers. If you want to learn what to look for in a remote employee, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find an excellent remote employee.

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Look for Someone Who Is Tech-Savvy

Remote workers should have a decent understanding of digital technology. You’ll want someone who can troubleshoot their way through technical problems.

Can they pick up new technological advancements fast? Find out if the potential new hire uses your preferred tools.

Strong Communication Skills

Most remote employees won’t have the chance to meet new people at the office.

Your remote workers need to communicate well with other employees. Poor communication skills can affect the productivity of an entire team.

It’s worrisome to work with an employee who doesn’t respond to calls, chats, or emails on time. Your team will wonder what happened to the tasks that got assigned to the remote worker.

Remote workers need to understand the importance of communication. They need to update their team often about what they’re working on or finished.

You want to hire individuals who have a high level of oral and written communication skills. Otherwise, you will cost your company money and time.

During the hiring process, see if the individual is communicating well. If not, look for another candidate.

Look for an Efficient Worker

Remote workers need to be accountable and complete tasks without a supervisor nearby. Look for someone who is a self-starter. When working remotely, team members don’t have others nearby to stay motivated.

Team members need to work toward specific goals after given set guidelines. Look for someone who can plan their section of the job and finish the task.

You want to hire an individual who will get up every day, remain productive, and finish their daily tasks.

Try to find individuals who already have experience working remotely. This way, you’ll have a new worker who already knows how to work at home.

New hires might tell you in the interview that they’re comfortable working at home. Yet, after they start, they might discover it’s too challenging to stay motivated. Some individuals need to be in an office environment.

Can They Work Independently?

Don’t hire someone based on their phone interview or resume. Instead, ask them to complete a test project.

While the individual works on the project, notice if they’re self-sufficient.
Did they return with lots of questions? You want your new employee to work and research things on their own.

Positive Attitude

A company might have a great culture in the office. Yet, it’s challenging to make sure your remote team experiences this culture. Look for people who can stay positive.

It’s difficult when collaborating with an employee who isn’t in the same physical space. Yet, someone with a negative attitude can still impact the morale of your entire remote team.

With career test, you can find positive people who can handle stressful situations and work well with others.

Look for Someone Who Wants to Grow Your Business

Look to hire someone who has both the skills and a strong motivation to boost your company. Look for candidates who believe in their work and want to help make your company succeed.

Read more about how to hire remote employees.

Ability to Stay Focused

In a traditional workplace, people tend to focus on their work without a ton of distractions. Successful remote workers need to avoid distractions at home. It’s easy to turn on the television in the background.

During the interview, ask the potential new hire if they have a home office. If not, find out if there’s a coffee shop nearby where they can work. Otherwise, ask them how they will try and stay focused.

What About Time Management?

One main perk of working from home is that remote employees can set their own hours. When hiring someone new, you’ll want to find an individual who can manage their time well.

You want a new hire to be available to collaborate with other members of the team.

When you connect with the candidate, ask them when they work best. Find out if they can become available at specific times for team meetings.

Accountability Is Essential

When a project doesn’t get passed in by the deadline, the company could lose money because of the delay.

Remote workers need to be trustworthy and reliable. You want to find someone who will work hard with the team and finish things on time.

Find Out Why the Individual Wants to Work Remotely

You’ll want to learn why the potential new hire is looking for a remote position. Some employees might think telecommuting is an easy way to do a job.

Find out if they are looking for specific benefits. Do they want to avoid commuting or need more work flexibility? Some people with children seek remote positions.

You want an individual who’s committed to your company. During the interview, ask them how they hope to contribute to your business as a whole.

Now You Know How to Find a Top Remote Employee

We hope this guide on remote employees was helpful. When interviewing for a remote employee position, look for a good communicator.

Look for someone who has a positive attitude and is technically competent.

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